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    2 Piece Setbonus!

    Really? 0,2% of overall DMG? Really? That much? WOW!


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    Aww come on, for me on our Lei Shen kill last night, it did 0.36% with an uptime of 20%.

    Twins it was even better 0.52% with a 32% uptime.

    But seriously this is pretty disappointing, I mostly use it for a free heal with death pact. Its been up when my ghoul was on CD and saved my life a few times.

    EDIT: I fail, read below for correct amounts
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    I don't know what you're doing to get that little damage out of it.

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    It scales with haste, so unholy gets the most benefit, and DW frost gets the least. It also means that less geared players will see it less often then players with haste gear coming out of their teeth.
    The set bonus is rppm, which means it's random as hell. Sometimes, it will do 0.1% of your damage, sometimes it will do 10%. However, it should average to about 2%.
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    Might help if I was looking at the correct thing, I was looking at overall % of damage done for the raid not for me specifically. :-p

    Twins it was 3.1% and 2.44% on Lei Shen. Only two that I've done since getting 2 piece.
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    Where do you find this info on world of logs?

    Nevermind, just found it, sorry.

    On a side note, it looks like the fallen zandalari don't benefit from the pool buff on jinrokh, seeing as I had similar uptimes on heroic jinrokh and normal durumu but the percent of my damage was drastically lower on jinrokh. This was probably already mentioned somewhere though.
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    you're looking at its overall damage to the boss, not how much it does of your damage. so if you look at yourself and you did 6% and he did .5% that's a lot of extra damage. its very rng. it pulls close to the same as your raise dead ghoul as frost and a ton as unholy, RNG ofc.
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