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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Its just that now, ever since wrath of the lich king, the game just feels like.. is this it? Is this all we can expect from wow now. Its basicly the same content redone over and over every expansion, the same setup, the same gimmicks, the same process, level to max level, gear your characters, raid, pvp, gear some more, wait for new tiers to come, gear some more, wait for next expansion, repeat.
    WoW has always been that way. the only thing that changed from classic wow & bc to lichking & cata was the mindset of the people.

    In classic wasnt so important to be in the top tier. people where scattered all over the whole world in classic.
    some people had alts in much different levels, other had their green open world gear, other had there blue 5 man gear, some people got pieces of the pvp set, other the full set. some people where raiding mc and bwl and only had t1 and some t2 stuff. other raided the 20 man raids and get this gear while other had their full t3 set. in the end everybody was happy in their tier where they wanted to be.

    it changed a little bit as the pvp gear became available for everybody in the end of classic (everybody farmt it for the new expansion).

    in bc it already was a little bit different. people wanted to be in the current content with their gear but still they where scaterred in the different tiers. some guild where in kara, some in the naga and bloodelf raid while other raided the black temple or even the sunwell. but everybody tried to keep up his gear with the badges.

    now since LK everybody CAN be and WANT to be in the current tier of the game. gear wise and raid/instance wise. and this is the only change i can see in this game.

    if you cant find another game try a break from the mmos. and not just for a week ^^. or think about what you actually want from a game and then search for the game that has it.

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    They do actually add stuff in each expansion which is new.

    That being said, I only play this game to raid, take raiding away and I wouldn't play. So for your 'Is this it?' is just fine for me. Raid mechanics are getting much more interesting each tier as well (I skipped Dragonsoul).

    What else do you expect from this game?

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    This game always had a better gameplay feeling if major and known characters are in the current expansion. Or to sum it up, if the lore is good.

    BC: Illidan, Kael'thas, Vashj, Kil'jaeden
    WotLK: Arthas / Lich King! Malygos was also a cool boss imo, then we had Ulduar with very interesting bosses lorewise (speaking of the Watchers and Yogg).
    Cata: Deathwing, but it was far, far away from the "most epic end boss encounter" they promised, he was boring as hell. No good lore feeling here. Besides that, DS is the worst raid ever made for me. And it was the final raid...
    MoP: Concept similiar to Classic, you get to know your enemies via lore scrolls ingame or from NPC's and do not know about them in advance or from the past.
    Speaking about the Mantid Empress, Sha of Fear and Lei Shen. The Vaults were abandonded a long time ago so it did not need lore in advance imo.

    The only thing right now pissing me off in MoP are the coins... You have no other choice for coins except doing freaking dailies. I never get some from pet battles, so...
    Why no coins from raid bosses? What's wrong with getting 5 coins per boss, for example? (and 10 coins total if you finish raid finder wing, so you get more out of Normal & Heroic)

    They also should have never made the Ulduar reference for Throne, I always compare it to it now...
    It just does not compete with it for me in many points. It's still better than the first MoP raids and perhaps all Cata raids.

    I hope Blizzard kicks ass with the next Legion expansion. Turalyon, Alleria, Sargeras, Kil'jaeden, Burning Legion overall, hopefully more Dreadlords.
    We are as God intended. Fallible, yet capable of great things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SherbertLand View Post
    No, not really. I guess you have to put in some effort if you want them raid geared, but I have no problem with that.
    I had no problem getting them gear
    the problem I have is with the stupidly slow, boring and uninteresting leveling with some of the worst zone story lines in WoW

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    I agree, that Blizz can do more to improves ways of spending time in wow. But I am not sure, that they can do that at their current state. Meaning, they could take a lot of stuff from other games (more than they do at the current state, and I am ok, with them taking stuff that works).
    I would also like to see housing. But not just the stuff we see in Rift, Age of Conan and LotR (havent seen more housing). They are good. no doubt. But I would like to see them make this housing kind of alive. Give us Questlines, NPCs that can differ, that we can hire. Make it a litte Warcraft 3, let us build and upgrade the buildings. Give us even daylies (in a fair and good amount). Make it alive with families of the guards that we hire, let there be attacks on the peons that collect lumber, ore and stuff. Make us a nice guild hall, some way of showing and remembering the achievements we accomplished as a guild. Let the buildings boost our professions. I would even like to see us beeing able to hire or get companions we could do specific quests with. The possibilities of housing, going beyong just being a building you put stuff in, are promising in my opinion. Even the farm could be taken to that guild house, being farmed by peons. a mine could stand for the ore. And you can work as a guild to upgrade the guild outpost/castle. There oculd even be problems under the npcs you have to solve in a peacuful way. having a hearing, and everybody of the guild who wants to can vote.

    They could even go so far and offer pvp related castles, as seen in age of conan, where we can defend them against the other faction. Maybe even the scale of being able to attack a (new and specifically desinged for that pourpose) capital. So when you take all the, lets throw a number, 10 guild pvp houses, you can attack the captital (was it like that in warhammer online?) My point is, there are ways to give us content, without having to go to a raid.

    there have been so many good things in other mmo's that would work perfectly in wow. Take guild wars 2. I am not playing it anymore, but the dynamic events are great. the scaling down to the level of the area would be great (also for pvp servers, hello gankers) combine the events with a good story as seen in the revamped old world and you could go where you want and have fun. there could even be pvp stuff to build up in the world that have to be run, where you can be called for help. southern barrens is overrun by the quillboars, mankrik is calling for help and prepares a massive npc / player army to push them back, having the event last for a week, with daylies, szenarios or special orders.

    My point is: have new ideas, take good ideas. rework them to fit into wow. And don't just make endgame being raids, pvp and arenas. I think they are testing stuff, but open it up. add 5 man dungeons that are like raids, but not like 25/10 man. new stuff, being able to be done next to raiding.

    Scaling is such a strong thing. imagine you could queue for a short, medium or long dungoen, getting more valor the bigger the dungeon is. just wanna run a short ragefire version? you get downscaled to 15 and can do that for a small amount of valor. wanna do something big like shadow labyrinth? It should be reworked, of course, but you can play dungeons as you wish. Every dungeon ever done in wow. imagine that.

    Let the pvpers be put on max level after they had a little time to play the charakter, at 10, 15 or level 20.

    so yeah, there are ways to make more stuff in wow. the question is, if they will be able or willing to do it. After reworking the old work, most people did not even took that as a feature.

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    it always been like that, the difference its that in WOTLK you had a really great story, you felt part of the forces to reach Lich King

    Cata... nevermind
    Mop although has good story, well made but... isn't Arthas

    If Blizzard brings another type of Arthas story or even better Sargeras you will have that feeling of WOTLK again

    or... if you are Alliance (and many Horde) you will have some of it in patch 5.4 for killing Garrosh lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    The first time around. The whole problem with this expansion is that it is ridiculously punitive towards alts.
    Alts are alts not mains. If you want to play your alts like mains that is on you and not a game design issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erenax View Post
    This. I tend to switch from character to character depending on what my friends/guild needs at the time over the course of an expansion, but Mists is just WAY too much work to do that.

    I hope they don't continue with the current daily model for the next expansion. It's the single worst feature that's ever been implemented in WoW for me.
    Enough with the daily complaints. You got your grindable dungeon rep in 5.2 with the Shado Pan Assault. Not only that but we can also select which faction we want to get rep for daily heroics/scenarios and we have the Tillers work orders not to mention the warbringers that drop items that give you rep. At this point it seems like you people just want to whine because Blizzard has made significant concessions in how gearing works in Mop and yet NONE of you are happy about any of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    Thankfully you're in the minority.
    If anyone is in a minority here it is the players complaining about having to play the game when playing their alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    No not really break away from it, its RPG part of wow is the part I enjoy the most in it, it gives it some solid grounding for where it stands. I just wish there was something more then the same old thing. I mean scenarios for example sounded interesting at first, but all they ended up being were mini dungeons to get uncertain loot, so... not really any different to running heroic dungeons at max level.

    Maybe if they hurried up and introduced revamped character models, and gave something really quite special in the game that breaks from the usual flow, it could reinvigorate how the game feels.
    I'm sorry but I just can't take you seriously now. You were saying you want new things in Wow to make it more enjoyable. New character models would be nice but it isn't content nor does it change how the game is played. It will still be the same game just with prettier looking characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    The problem is not dailies, per se - the issue is actually two-fold.

    The first is that while dailies are not bad in of themselves, they only cater to the crowd that enjoys questing. While they've tried to solve this through the introduction of bonus reputation for dungeons and scenarios, it still doesn't remove dailies from the equation for those that want to rep up because the two modes of earning rep are not mutually exclusive, and reputation can only be granted towards one rep per dungeon per day.

    The second problem is that Blizzard made the bright decision to gate valor gear behind reputations; a really stupid course of action, if you ask me.
    Which faction is essential for progression? AC? Shado Pan? You don't need to own the enchant recipes in order to get the enchants. KlaxxI? You can hit at least honored with Klaxxi before even hitting 90 especially with commendations and the BS patterns are for gear that is lower quality than the current raid teir and again you don't need to own the recipes to get the items. Also let's not forget ALL the new raid/pvp patterns are attached to discovery through daily cooldowns and DO NOT require touching one single daily. What exactly are you missing out on by not doing dailies? Even the new daily rep is basically useless for geared characters as it only has 476 gear and the new raid drops 502-522 gear. Basically just get over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    I miss how easy it was to level alts, yes. Cataclysm's systems were not perfect by any means; but the critical issue is that players should be able to choose whether or not to gain rep through questing or through dungeons, ideally without any significant advantage between the two.
    Not one single thing about leveling alts has changed at all in any way whatsoever. It is as fast as ever and if anything it has gotten faster. I'm sorry but rep tabards aren't coming back so unless you are going to suggest alternative means of acquiring rep that don't involve locking players away in yet more instances you are pretty much just wasting your time and your breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    I am pretty positive that Blizzard will have a smaller team working on Wow after Titan is launched. Slowly WoW will decay and vanish in the shadow that Blizzard will force with titan.
    I start to think WoW is their cashcow.

    Yeah no. Wow won't be "vanishing" any time soon even with Titan's release. Keep in mind they are going to be significantly different games and those who like Wow may not necessarily like Titan. Also people need to consider the fact games like EQ1 and UO are still going strong nearly 15 years after release and they never hit subscription numbers over 500k. It is going to take many many many years for Wow subscriptions to get down that low if at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    they have to prove it. We won't know for sure, anything can change.
    There is nothing for Blizzard to prove. Blizzard has flat out said time and again that Wow and Titan are for different markets. One won't be replacing the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    Blizzard owns WoW. Blizzard owns Titan. WoW is an MMO-RPG. Titan is an MMO-RPG. Aside from a newer game engine and some enhanced graphics, I would imagine this will be a grand scale world, based primarily in mythos and lore where you as a character have to represent your race/faction/government in an attempt to stop/destroy whatever is threatening your way of life.

    Yeah, I would probably classify that as competition. Intended or not, Titan will cut into the WoW community. If it is successful, and has everything WoW "should" have had, it will be WoW's slow and silent killer. If it looks promising, yet fails to deliver like GW2, Rift, SWTOR, LOTRO, or any of the other wannabe's trying to snag some of the player base, then WoW lives on and Titan becomes F2P and slowly replaces D3 and Blizzard's all time worst game. Personally, I am hoping for the 1st one. I want that feeling of new and exciting again, that feeling that I have to log in and go questing (run missions, w/e) and explore (search out / recon / w/e). It is my hope that Titan will be what WoW was back in 2007 for me.
    Whelp I guess this means Rift is shutting down. I mean Trion just released a new mmo and we all know we can't have 2 mmos by the same company at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FruitBat69 View Post
    I think OP, Blizzard is too scared to drastically change their game and tbh I dont blame them, they have a huge player base which they constantly hate to disappoint. If tomorrow Blizzard announced they were changing things upside down for the new expansion pack there would be complaints from here to high heaven of die hard fans who just want the same old expansion and WoW gameplay. On top of that why change something if it's still hugely successful? Only the players can make Blizzard change things by dropping out in large numbers and that doesn't seem to be happening.

    If I was Blizzard I wouldn't try to create a new mmo IP with Titan, I would make World of Starcraft (or maybe Universe of Starcraft probably sounds better) and add an optional increase in subscription by 50% but let it include play time to both games. I think a Starcraft mmo setting would bring completely new aspects to mmo gameplay (it would have to as the current wow formula wouldn't work with it) which I think would please fans such as yourself but at the same time keep the same old formula for WoW which I severely doubt will change.
    Changing Wow for the sake of change just doesn't make any sense. If players suggest new systems and things for Wow and Blizzard thinks it fits in they will implement but otherwise Wow is going to continue to be Wow. If players want a new game they should go buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiark Son View Post
    Don't mind them, most people saying GW2 failed haven't played it and are just on the bandwagon of ''all new mmos fail because wow'' and don't even give new games a chance.
    To be fair the reason many people have that attitude towards GW2 is a direct result of certain players from that community coming to Wow forums to pick fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conscious View Post
    OP to be quite frank, I feel like this past April Fool's fiasco is exactly what you can expect from Blizzard: Which is essentially the cropping out of the small things, pre-expac events, updated Holidays, quirky (April Fools) holiday stuff, etc.

    They're shifting from "A-xyz-B-xyz-C-xyz" (Caps being major content, lowers being the small above mentioned stuff, if anyone can grasp that.) model for this game to what seems to be a strict "A-B-C" sort of design. I'm not going to speculate, at least not here, for risk of derailing, as to why that is, but for some reason or another that seems to be the general feel.

    So at least you have something to set a benchmark with to gauge if you feel the game is worth it to you (until Titan it seems) personally, as well as others.
    Why am I not surprised to see you bring up the April Fools "fiasco"? It wasn't a fiasco it was just that Blizzard had different priorities and ended up not having enough time to do anything. It doesn't affect Wow in the slightest and to complain about it only makes you look foolish. I honest to god don't even understand why you even post here since all you do is trash Wow and Blizzard and anyone who dares to like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shifthappens View Post
    expect more people to quit with 5.3 pvp changes, gear equalisation is dumb, i dont cap points for 2 months just so i can go into BG and Arena just so i can get downgraded in ilvl.

    Why does everyone have to be equal in the game, where is the fun in that
    Pvp power says hi. Please stop you are only making the pvp community look worse than it already does.
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    I enjoyed the older style of gearing, a few tier pieces available through vendor to either get you started or help to improve the raid. It also made your earned currency valuable beyond the 3rd week of raiding. How doesn't a weekly valor cap not buy any current vendor gear ? 3 weeks of valor capping to buy a chest, helm or legs is a long steep time investment

    By not making last tier available through vendors for justice points makes alt gearing feel way to grindy and forces alts into older LFR step up ladders, do 1 LFR to unlock another
    and so on. LFR gear should drop at a much greater %, this will help with the disgruntled LFR environment, any cata player can tell you how bad you have fouled up the LFR loot system or the lack thereof. 22 people complaining "double gold ffs" .......1hour que and no gear... I hate this game blah blah blah

    Rep needed on multiple toons to open vendors is another poor design it all adds up to way too much grinding to get into competitive gear

    Increase the weekly valor cap and breath some new life into the game
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    If you want something that's totally different from any endgame in MMO history, try Final Fantasy XI. Although its content may not be suited for most people (And it has no PVP), it still has a strong user base (something along the lines of 250,000 active subs). It also has one of the strongest communities out there, and you have to make friends to do well at endgame. There is always a plethora of things to do, and I would find it nearly impossible to run out. The games glory days are over, and it's been simplified into oblivion. The differences between 2006 and 2013 are astounding.

    Anyway, I wouldn't recommend FF11 to most people, but it definitely is a breath of fresh air if you want something "different".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    That's like playing a shooter and asking "Is this all we can expect from now on? Shooting people with guns?"
    yeah...I bet OP is the type of guy who don't actually do anything in game just sits afk in a city. This expansion has A LOT things to do.. you just need to go and do them.

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