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    You'll have to wait until it's about to expire and iceblock outside the raid, as iceblocking doesn't remove the debuff.
    Figured, but thanks.

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    Might as well use G-Invis for that as it has a shorter cooldown and doesn't make you stop casting

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    I made a new talent grid with Longwriter's tool and thought of posting it here just to get the thread rolling again.

    Some ideas may be silly but well, this is a "Crazy Mage Discussiorama".

    I'll post here some of the abilities that I personally would love to see in the game.

    Place Rune:
    1% of base mana. 40 yd range.

    Instant. 30 second cooldown.

    You place a Frost, Fire or Arcane Rune on the target location within 40 yards which deals damage and causes different effects depending on its type.

    The spell is similar to the hunter trap system but the effects could be different and more mage-like.

    another one that would look cool is Chromatic Bolt.

    Chromatic Bolt:

    10% of base mana. 40 yd range.

    2 sec. cast. 20 second cooldown.

    Deals Arcane/Fire/Frost damage to the target and to all enemies in its path.


    Some will complain about the third tier, the one with Slow, Dragon's Breath and Deep Freeze.
    I personally would love to see the amount of CC effects reduced and I'm talking about every class, plus I think that this tier is actually interesting.
    Then I'm not sure about talents such as Heart of Ice because of the fact that it increases the range of your spells (not sure if Blizzard is willing to add talents such as this one, even if it's 20%).
    About the last tier. While Chromatic Bolt could appear in game, I think that the other two talents are more difficult to add to the game.
    Arcane Trickster is a bit too much and may fit more in a Path of the Titans system or something similar.
    Master of the Elements could work but I'm not sure of the percentages and if it would actually turn out to be a fun talent.

    So here it is. I had fun doing it and I know that some things may be silly and/or overpowered.

    I do not like our current talent grid.
    The bomb tier should go but I know that some people like the spells so there must be a way to make everyone happy.
    The level 90 tier is good by a dps point of view but boring, in my opinion, and should go.
    I do not like the control tier very much although I do like Ring of Frost. I wish it wasn't just filled with Frost spells.
    Flameglow should be replaced with a talent that improves our current Armours (There should be more talents that alter our existing spells).
    Cold Snap I think will eventually be removed for if I remember correctly, Ghostcrawler or someone else said that they do not like talents that reset cooldowns.
    The whole mage talent grid isn't that exciting but that, of course, is my opinion.

    Arcane mages need something else as far as PvP is concerned. A shield that consumes arcane charges or Mana Shield but a version that is better than the old one.
    I miss the old Blast Wave (the one that was similar to Frost Nova and knocked back people).
    I said this before but I'll say it again. I would love to see Frostfire Bolt become more useful for Arcane.
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    Can you Greater Invis sawblades on Siegecrafter? I've seen streams where the priests use their invis talent when they get targeted and the things don't even spawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winst View Post
    Can you Greater Invis sawblades on Siegecrafter? I've seen streams where the priests use their invis talent when they get targeted and the things don't even spawn.
    Why yes, winst! Having tested this in a main raid, you can.

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    Does Ice Block remove Iron Prison debuff and if not, does it mitigate the 100% HP damage if used right before that debuff expires?
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    Don`t think it removes the debuff but works great for mitigating the damage, I handle myself with g-invis if off cooldown and iceblock as backup and only call out for a shield if none of them are available.
    In theory temporal shield or ice barrier will save you but if something else hits at the same time it can hurt too much.

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    No offense folks, but this thread wasn't intended to discuss Mage mechanics in the current raid content, that's what the spec guides and the tips and tricks are for!

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