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    Yea well im so old school i got mine in naxx 40



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    It should be a FoS, as in, "Dealt with resistances before other stats took over them".
    But they stopped giving us mounts FoS, and everyone remembers Against all Odds.
    So i'd say they won't do anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sqicychiqotles View Post
    What does it matter if he got the 25 man one at the end of 2012 if he had gotten the 10man one when he said he did?
    Quote Originally Posted by Simple057 View Post
    Go for it and make sure to scroll down to the 10m version of the achievement
    Because he didn't request (or mention how it SHOULD) it become a FoS back then, but two expansions later shortly after getting both the 25 man version.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simple057 View Post
    Yes I agree I ask a simple question and this ass hat starts jumping all over me over nothing I could give 2 shits either way I was just wondering what the community thought about this particular achievement .
    Let's see, you get the second achievment and suddenly tell us how it "should" be an FoS, ofc it wouldn't benefit you in any kind of way and you simply never before thought about it. I merely point out how people actually fullfil the requirements for the achievment by default now and point out that shortly after getting the 25 man version you'd like it to become a FoS causing you to start raging and insulting me, but somehow I am the meanie? Sounds legit.

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    Never in my post did I say it should be a fos I asked , should it be a fos a question for the community I never stated one I wanted a fos , and a second thing 10m version I got 2 and a half years ago And the 25 m over 6 months ago neither of those are recent

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