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    we kiilled this week changed our warrior tank for a 480 ilvl monk tank didnt took us more then 6 pulls with the monk kiting bats..... make sure your prot pally turn off rf before first group of adds come to make it easier for the bats tank to aggro the bats..... and you can kite also with a frost dk easy without a hunter

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    make the lock drop a portal also so healers can reset aggro when bats spawn

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    If you wanna try the solo tank route, use the pala to do it (but hey any class can). Only things two he needs to worry about
    - Alwaays have SotR up for every snapping bite.
    - use Holy Prism on the boss every time bats spawn they'll go straight for him nps at all.

    If you stick with two tanking this, put the pally on the boss and have the dk go blood pres & frost spec kite it as others have said.
    If you don't like the idea of kiting, let pala tank boss until first bat spawn, holy prism and then he can deal with bats and on DK can take over boss.

    Have killed it both ways, found kiting strat easier on dps requirement since you never have to bother killing bats, but expect some wipes until the kiter learns how to do it without getting caught up in bats on a stomp/spawn. Killing bats has less chance to go to hell later, but with a good kiter, I'd prefer the kite strat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aGit View Post
    Yes, a prot-paladin can solo tank it. as a non-paladin tank, it's disgusting really what kind of feats a protection paladin can currently pull off.

    Any tank can solo tank it.

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