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    Break my Normal T14 4 piece set?

    I recently received quite a few upgrades and now have a 2 piece T15 for my Holy Spec. I have found that my heals seem very slow and awkward since switching, it seems I have healed with the t14 4 piece for so long that I forget to heal properly without it lol. I find that I run into situations when high burst damage is going out that I simply cannot heal fast enough anymore. Is it worth taking the stat hit going back to t14 normal or am I better off just learning to heal without using the t14 set?
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    I'm personally not going to drop my 4p (and I'm even using LFR gloves) until I have a full set of 522/535 items to replace all the pieces with, and even then I'm still going to keep it around for high movement fights and what not.

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    There was a post about this somewhere on MMO about what pallies were doing.

    I was in the same situation as you. I went last week only carrying my t14 two piece and this week kept my four set. My logs show a lot more shock -> HP - illumination etc then last week. You're right though, maybe have to get use to healing without it....but since my second healing partner is a resto shaman (who QQ's that he is driving a pinto when it comes to other healing classes) - I need to have as much holy power as a can going to HoT the raid.
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