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Hey fellows!
So, Im sick of RF.
502 items are good if u see my gear (im 496 atm) and Im TRYING to farm some 502 LFR gear...
BUT, since it avaible, i've been killing all bosses and I got 2 items so far...
Actually it was 3, but one was repeated and I desenchanted it...
So, when will it work??
If I dont farm tokens of bonus roll I will drop 2 items every month??
Thanks blizz, to piss me off every week!
If you are so sick of it you should just quit. Loot have allways been RNG and atleast you have gotten some loot. So far on my alt i haven't received a single loot in ToT killed all bosses availeble in LFR and used coins. Bad RNG happens, if you don't want to take the risk you are probably better of playing another game.
Also don't cry over coins. Before MoP you have none atleast now you get another shoot at loot if want to spend some time doing dailies.