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    Best Healer During Patch 5.3 ~ PvP & PvE

    Hey guys, I have started levelling a paladin and wondered which class represents the best healer, and are they efficient at both PvE and PvP or is there separate best classes for each individual category (i.e. RBGs, Arena, Raids, Dungeons, etc). Hopefully someone has some insightful knowledge on this and can share their wisdom.

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    You could always make a character on the PTR and see for yourself after the battle fatigue buff. I myself have no idea which class is best, but I'm pretty sure it's always a save choice to go rshaman ;D

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    How can u even tell which is the best?? .. wait till the patch goes live, everything can change on PTR before it goes live.
    But generally.. if nothing major changes from this patch, pally is a very good choice.
    pve - shammy = good aoe on stacking fights like megaera.
    pally = any fight really..
    priest = fights where u can stand still most of the time..
    druid = fights where u have a lot of movement
    monk = pretty similar to pally.. u can excell with a monk in any situation rly..
    can't say anything about pvp but id assume that pally and shammy are still great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diviner View Post
    pally = any fight really..
    priest = fights where u can stand still most of the time..
    Sure you didn't get these mixed up?

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    Hpala is pretty bad for 3s at the moment, but still good for RBG.

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    Blizzard are fine with paladins being overpowered as shit this patch it seems

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    Why are Paladins bad at 3s at the moment? And why are Paladins overpowered? These are 2 conflicting answers, thanks for the replies guys. Hopefully we can find some statistical information that proves who is the best, but so far I'm getting a general understanding of the overall "best".

    Has anyone seen an overwhelming difference in recounts(addon), etc, where one class is pulling way ahead throughtout the raid in heals?

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    You're welcome to research the classes yourself and even try them out for fun with a trial or resurrection, but we don't allow "Help Me Choose My Class" threads here

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