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    FAQ for "moderator approval"?


    I joined the forum last year but did not start posting until today. I only posted like a dozen posts, but I have seen the following messages (or something like that) three times in a row today: "Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting".

    I checked FAQs, did a search on the forum, but could not find anything on why it happened, or how I can avoid them. I don't recall any of my "problematic" posts would be offensive to a live human being, but since I cannot see or edit my posts pending approval, how could I tell for sure?

    Two of my "problematic" posts are short comments in the off-topic area, so I don't really care about them. However, the other "problematic" one is a lengthy post I composed in the computer help area, asking advice for my planned new computer build. I do hope to act on the purchase quickly, so the current situation is quite frustrating.

    My humble requests are:

    1) Could a moderator approve my post in the computer help area? I guess if it takes too long, I can try to create a new post, but I'd rather not experimenting different post content so as to bypass the forum spam filtering algorithm.

    2) Could there be an item in the FAQ explaining this content filter, in particular some high level idea on its triggering condition, and the estimated time for an approval? I don't think it is in anyone's interest if I or people in a similar situation start experimenting post contents as an attempt to bypass the filter.


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    Since you have so few posts I'd imagine you're in the target demographic for the spam filter. Not sure there's an ETA on moderators approving your posts but... Whenever a moderator of that forum checks unapproved posts!

    Anyway, once you reach around 20 posts (I believe it is?) you'll be less likely to be targeted by the spam filter. So, you know, keep active and share in threads where you have relevant input. it'll sort itself out. Meanwhile, I guess you could give a moderator of the Computer section a lil' nudge. They're listed on the Forum page.

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    Huh, I never thought there was a spam filter, interesting! You learn something new every day.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. My advice-seeking post has appeared, faster than my expectation.

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    With most forum software packages, if a new user posts a thread or a reply to a thread that contains a large amount of hyper-links, it gets placed in a moderation queue and moderators get a message telling them to check the post. This is because many spam-bots are set up to produce a wall of text containing many hyper-links, intended to both lure people into clicking on the links, and to increase their own website's prominence through backlinks.
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    Yeah I'm sorry, our spam filter will catch suspicious posts from people who are under 15 posts and it waits for a moderator or a global, like myself, to approve it. I check the filter every hour or so and approve everything I find, trying to catch up with posts.

    Don't submit multiple copies, though, 'cause then we gotta go delete them all and it doesn't actually make your post go through.

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