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    Post "The Great Church" (RP Faction)

    This is a back story on how one of my RP character's faction's was created.

    The Great Church

    Originating on some islands off the coast of Gilneas and Southshore. The great church was founded near the end of the 2nd war after the orcs had been pushed back by the alliance forces and were forced to retreat into the Dark Portal. It started out as a small faction of an estimated 12 people. The founders were Ren Raiguh , Jay Rowland , and Sai Serei. These people were mere merchants that were religious and felt that "The Church of Light" didn't do enough for the people of small villages and towns. They trained for years on their own and would from time to time seek council with Priests and Paladins from "The Church Of Light" in order to better understand how they functioned and how to become "One with the Light". Once these three members had acquired a knack for wielding the light and were healing those in their local villages and towns they expanded their members to the inner parts of the Gilneas Market Square and some drop off points in Silverpine forest. As their members grew they would have to reach out those who were already familiar with the light. So they reached out to mostly injured paladins or priests that wished to join the group. At the end of the second war the faction had attained near 300 members,Each continuing with their everyday lives but keeping in touch with the ever growing faction in ways of mail,word of mouth,and meetings. Most of all the faction relied on secrecy to improve the world around them. They work in the shadows as everyday people and aid those who deserve it, finding the demons that resided in azeroth and wished to host themselves in the beings that lived there. Most instances that members were involved in were exorcisms or purification rituals. At the time that the organization was created there was no requirement of strength or atunement to the light, But as the number of paladins and priests in the kingdoms of the humans increased the organization thought it to be a good idea to create a requirement to join and to be secret from those who were not in the organization. When the organization had reached out to nearly 500 humans in its ranks they had been successful for nearly 2 years.

    The organization's interior was just as intimidating as its exterior to those who had crossed its path. The main separation of members occurred by their ranking system.

    • Initiate - The lowest rank,Learning the ropes.
    • Commoner - Knows the basics and passed the first few trials.
    • Disciple - Basic member,Allowed moderate access to information.
    • Knight / Rogue - Passed all trials, Allowed moderate access to information. Allowed to go on low-ranking missions.
    • Paladin / Assassin / Priest - Completed at least 25 successful missions, Allowed to go on moderate-ranking missions.
    • Lord / Father / Sister - Completed at least 50 successful missions, Allowed to go on all regular missions. Allowed full access to information.
    • Council Member - Awarded to those who are prime in a select category. Main decision maker in the organizations whole.
    • High Priest / High Priestess - Inherited title given to those who show true devotion, Equal Say in Council Meetings as Council Leader. (Allowed full mission acces)
    • Council Leader - Leader of the council, Decides whether to ratify decisions into laws or other miscellaneous matters.
    • Grand Priest / Grand Paladin - Figurehead, Ability to over rule council in certain cases such as war and council member choosing.

    After the re-opening of the Dark Portal the organization expanded it's ranks to not only humans,dwarves,and gnomes. The council passed a document stating that all races of Azeroth would be welcome to join no matter their background as long as they met the requirements of joining they would always have a place in the organization.
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