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    Well I have been playing since BC on and off and now here at MoP I don't raid anymore other than LFR and I just can't find much interesting in the game anymore. Any ideas for what could help me get my love of the game rekindled? Open to all suggestions (except Moonguard).
    I would suggest taking a break.
    Also you're saying you're not raiding but only doing LFR, in my experience LFR is not really fulfilling, maybe you should try going back to raiding.
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    Lol, i've been in your situation too. But the it was Cataclysm and not Pandaria... I took a break for like 3 months, then my addiction took control of me and i played again. I enjoyed it! Didn't join a raid guild tho so i took another break later again lal.

    You don't need to take a break but try to find a raid guild, if it just won't then take the break. Come back later, if you want to ofc. Perhaps you create a new character and 'restart' the game with a new class. Hit max lvl, get some achievements (if you like getting them) but don't play too much too fast, it'll brun you out again.

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    Take a break!
    Is that so hard to do for people? If you stop enjoying something, you stop doing it.

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    Tell me! where am i!
    i took a long break during cata, now i just pay a month when ever a patch i like comes out saves me alot of money and time and i still enjoy the game
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    Take a break!
    Is that so hard to do for people? If you stop enjoying something, you stop doing it.
    ^^ Winner. If you have to search for a reason to play, maybe you need to step back and wonder why...

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    Pretty much this,.
    You won't understand what else is out there until you properly shut down your WoW subscription and start to wonder
    "what to do now...".
    instead of
    "hmm im bored, lets log into wow,. hmm im still bored but whatever ill run around and do some dailies"
    Ehhhh.... I don't buy that, WoW isn't the one blockade which stops you from experiencing anything new. I write music and play in a band, I go to concerts, I'm studying digital media, I'm stepping up my drawing abilities, I have tons of amazing friends I love to hang out with, I watch cartoons regularly, I collect and play trading card games with my brothers, a nice vacation to France is planned for this summer, and I even play other games than not only on the PC, but also on consoles and handhelds. Overall I'm always experiencing new stuff, and meanwhile I'm playing WoW at the same time, doing everything I want to do in-game. If you didn't experience new things before you quit WoW it was your own fault, not the game's fault.

    By the way, entertainment is very important for a person, saying "Tons of better things to do outside of WoW." is extremely subjective, what each person enjoys as entertainment is individual, while one might like to watch TV shows or play music another person might be content with just playing WoW.

    Anyways, I don't feel like repeating what others have said too much, so I'll keep it short. A break is nice to have when you're burnt out, saves yourself some money and time for a short while, and when you begin to miss the game that's about when it's time to return. I had a break when TBC was released, and I was ready to go again afterwards, same with Wrath during the Ulduar patch, and same with Cataclysm, once during the ZG and ZA rehashes and again with the Dragon Soul patch. MoP is the only expansion thus far I haven't had a break from, if we disregard Vanilla that is.

    If you don't feel like taking a break, do something that seriously shakes things up and breathes new life into the game for you, what that might be is up to you, I don't know how you play the game.

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    Try Swtor - really refreshing wow-like story-telling, F2P game which you can sub at any point if you gonna like it. I liked it and it hooked me up...

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