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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyteyes View Post
    No more oriental/asian/kung fu panda bs plz
    That avatar suits your comment. But my Pandaren Hunter still hates you.

    Also, I want to kill more demons! And maybe some demon-worshiping-naga! HIGH SEA BATTLES GO!

    Quote Originally Posted by Evisiling View Post
    why is there not a pet breeding profession yet?!
    Because they'd have to make weird crossbred mutants...

    On second thought, send that idea to Blizzard!
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    I hope they take on the South Seas full on. and have all the islands put closely together for game sake.
    Fun ideas:
    -World of Warcraft: South Seas=wowss
    -for the horde
    for the alliance
    forsaken=split third faction of the Undead. Have all the other races available as an undead for model diversity.
    -expansion cinematic is an all female cast
    Tyrande, Sylvanas, Azshara, Jaina?, Moira?, Aggra(motherly side, mom power=), Magataha??
    can be presented like vanilla-tbc cinematic. or like glimpses of a future event where they are all fighting(arrow shoot out between Tyrande, Sylvanas, and Azshara)

    but really I want to see a big vibrant human city aside from Stormwind. Kul Tiras would have been perfect with a lively port and all if it hadn't been affected by the cataclysm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dezarus View Post
    Anyone who has played the Warcraft 3 demo (or the scenario from that in TFT) should remember this. Anyway. As Thrall was crossing the maelstrom, they wrecked on the island with the island trolls. Sen'jin dies, they defeat the Sea Witch, blah blah blah. Anyway, as they were sailing away, the Sea Witch yelled out "Sail on, Land-dwellers. Flee! The Dark Tide is coming to swallow you all, and once it begins, there will be nowhere to hide!"
    And about 5 minutes before the end of the level, she says "Yes. At last the end draws near. Your deaths are only the beginning. Soon, all land-dwellers will be entombed in a watery grave."

    following is fan speculation... pics are not mine.
    World of Warcraft: The Dark Tide
    Azeroth is flooding and naga pour out of the seas. After the reclamation of Orgrimmar tensions between the Horde and Alliance are high over the fate of the city. Before either side is able to move a grunt runs in from durotar. As the faction heads turn to him the orc yells of naga invasion swarms of them. The factions go out and see their fleets sinking to naga and kraken. Experiencing a vision, Thrall realizes he must depart as he is needed by the Earthen Ring once more and leaves the Horde in the hands of his good friend Vol'jin, determined to right the mistakes Garrosh has made. The factions agree to discuss this later and turn toward the Dark Tide.

    *Player models and animations redesigned (excluding Goblin, Worgen, Pandaren).
    *Tabards are now permanently learned across characters, accessed like mounts & pets.
    *Current mats can now level all professions to get over rough spots (introduced for Blacksmith & Cooking in MoP).
    *Auction Houses merged across battlegroups.
    *Challenge mode raids: players can now be scaled down to do older raids as if they were current.
    *Bronze dragons in the caverns of time can teleport you into an instance of original raids that have been altered (Naxx, Ony, ZG, ZA).
    *Raid finder, normal, and heroic gear have minor physical differences besides color (Example)[/URL]. Gear obtained in the raid finder is of rare quality.
    *Raid finder gear of previous raids can be purchased with justice points and previous season gear with honor points for transmogrification.
    *Players who have completed any difficulty of a raid on any character may now que for groups of the 'normal' difficulty if they meet the ilvl.
    *New raids are designed for 15-player groups only[/URL] to support tuning and balancing.
    *Compromising between Cataclysm and Mists, dungeons can only be queued for once any of your characters has reached the entrance.
    *To encourage realm groups, completing dungeons in the Dungeon Finder will now provide additional gold and valor/justice points scaling with the number of players you queue with. Likewise with battlegrounds and honor points.
    *Players will now get bonus rewards two times per day up to seven times per week instead of once a day when using Dungeon Finder.
    *Certain factions can be championed through the tabard interface, allowing a player to gather reputation through running dungeons and heroics. Current factions has a daily cap to how much reputation can be earned this way, those from previous expansions do not.
    *Tabards have two versions, a Faction Initiate's Tabard and a Faction Champion's Tabard. Visually differentiated like the illustrious/renowned guild tabard and the stone guard[/URL] PvP tabards. The initiate tabard can be purchased at friendly reputation and the champion at exalted. Faction Champion's Tabards gain reputation faster with no cap (as one of your characters is already exalted).
    *New zones feature the introduction of public quests[/URL] that scale with the number of participants.
    *Guild Officers can now send invites to players that have requested to join through the Guild Finder even if player is offline, they will be able to accept or decline once logged back in. The invite can be removed by guild officers if player has not accepted or declined.
    *The Guild Finder criteria has been expanded to include Casual, Hardcore, Social, Questing, Adventuring, Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, Arena, and Role Playing as Guild Interests options and tickable boxes to indicate specific days for Availability.
    *An ingame forum has been integrated into the guild interface(example)[/URL].
    *Draenei and Blood Elf starter zones updated to modern events, allow flying, and are merged into the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms zones.
    *Spellbooks are trimmed down, merging similar and situational abilities.
    *Cosmetic items for mounts added

    Pre-Dark Tide patch updates Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms and merged starter zones. Over the course of the event, the water level on Azeroth rises submerging parts of the continent and naga invasion of all coastal regions until Thrall and the Earthen Ring are able to return the tide to reasonable levels at the end of the event. Regular naga invasions of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, at the end players can defeat the supercharged naga commander[/URL] who drops loot. Potentially phased for only those level 60 and above to allow normal leveling.


    *Kul Tiras (90 - 91)[/URL]
    The naga warlord Zethresh commands the naga forces who have overtaken Crestfall. The forsaken town of Drisburg is the Horde landing ground while Alliance[/URL] players assist Tandred Proudmoore[/URL] in reclaiming Boralus[/URL]. Some spillover of the conflict in Tol Barad and Gilneas. Naval routes have been established by the alliance to Menethil Harbor and by the horde to Bilgewater Harbor. Fauna include turtles, crocolisks, crabs, and crawfish.
    *Zul'Dare (91 - 92)[/URL]
    Treacherous cliffs tower over the rocky shoreline, making an uphill battle for anyone wishing to enter. The defensive terrain has allowed the resident dark trolls to hold off the naga invasion. Zul'Dare is visually very reminiscent of Howling Fjord.
    *Balor (91 - 93)[/URL]
    Once a province of Stormwind, the island has since been overtaken by the kvaldir, shrouding parts in mist. A splinter sect of nerubians have also surfaced here.
    *Hiji (92 - 93)[/URL]
    Also known as the dragon isle, Hiji is home to the matriarchal ogre society of Ogrezonia as well as many proto-drakes including the son of Galakrond. Led by Lord Gajanshis, a rebel group of naga known as the Venomtail have established the city of Nar'Ranzja on the island. Troll ruins surround an active volcano on the western edge, with a rock formation resembling the head of a dragon jutting out over the island. On the southern coast the remains of old god minions can be found like that in Master's Glaive.
    *Tel Abim (93 - 94)[/URL]
    A desert-like island with numerous oases. Many have gone insane from a powerful prescence beneath the island. Tel Abim contains deposits of Kaja'mite which has caused the local gorillas to exhibit great intelligence (Planet of the Apes), attracting the interest of Trade Prince Gallywix, butting heads with the Venture Company and Kul Tiras port of Valorgarde. Fauna include basiliks, scorpids, wind serpents, hyenas, giraffes, raptors, plainstriders, thunder lizards, and turtles.
    *Zandalar (94 - 95)[/URL]
    The birthplace of troll civilization, this island has been ravaged by the recent cataclysm, crossed by deep fissures. The boundaries of the elemental planes have been weakened here, making it a battleground between the various elements while the Zandalari fight to keep the sinking island afloat. A rebel group against Zul seeks to secure their future through diplomacy instead of conquest.
    *Plunder Isle (94 - 95)[/URL]
    Dangerous, boisterous, drunken and bawdy, this tropical island is the center of piracy and a haven for outlaws in the south seas. The infamous Bloodsail Hold is the center of operations for a powerful pirate organization led by Duke Falrevere[/URL]. Players must choose their allegiance between competing pirate factions (Scryer/Aldor Oracle/Frenzyheart).
    *Broken Isles(95)
    Players accompany Nazgrim or Taylor to the Broken Isles. The expedition here goes awry during a conflict with the other faction interrupted by naga kraken leading to players shipwrecking off the coast (reminiscent of vash'jr intro) of archipelago of islands under a neverending thunderstorm. Players encounter Drak'thul with the remaining Stormreaver clan and Naisha's escaped wardens. Wrathion shows a particular interest in the Tomb of Sargeras.
    Seeking new sources of labor the goblin trade coalition are now allowing all races to board vessels bound to Undermine from Ratchet and Booty Bay. The city of Undermine acts as a neutral capitol with a district for Horde and Alliance on each side, and Shipmaster Placeholder[/URL] teleports players to the faction ship in the zone of their choosing.
    *Amani Vale (95+) (added in patch 6.1)
    New quest zone added in patch 6.1 featuring the rise of the serpent goddess Ula-Tek.
    *Darkspear Islands (95+) (added in patch 6.1
    Once the land of the darkspear these islands are now contested between horde and alliance fleets.
    *Zuldazar (95+) (added in patch 6.2)[/I]
    Raised plateau on Zandalar isle. New daily zone for the Zuldazar raid. Very mayan/aztec inspired architecture.
    *Eye of the Maelstrom (95++) (added in patch 6.4)
    Massive zone featuring several subzones (see Vash'jr). Within the waters of the Eye are the opposing empires of the makrura. When Brann Bronzebeard visited it, he saw more forms of life that he imagined existed in all the world.

    Both besetted by the Dark Tide, these newly playable races turn to their old allies as their lands begin sliding into the ocean.
    *Ogre (H)
    -Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Shaman, Death Knight[/URL], Monk
    -Starting Zone:[/URL] Dustwallow Marsh (1 - 12 H)
    -Faction: Stonemaul Clan
    -Racial Mount: Kodo
    Ogre players fight alongside the half-orc Rexxar and at the end of the zone are evacuated from the almost entirely submerged zone via zeppelin to Orgrimmar and renew allegiance to Vol'jin.
    *High Elf (A)
    -Classes: Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Druid, Priest, Monk
    -Starting Zone: [/URL]Northeron (1 - 12 A)[/URL]
    -Faction: Northeron[/URL][/I]
    -Racial Mount: Unicorn
    High elf players defend a gateway portal[/URL] to Stormwind so displaced refuges can escape, then enter themelves and renew allegiance to Varian. Northeron is a mountainous region whose fauna include bears, wolves, lynxes, gryphons, as well as the mystical unicorn.

    (No new classes introduced so monks can continue to integrate.)

    -Zethresh Grotto (Kul Tiras) (90 - 92)
    Lair of the naga warlord Zethresh. Also some murlocs.
    -Zin'Dare Temple (Zul'Dare) (90 - 92)
    Amani attempting to resurrect their warlord Zul'jin, infiltrated and manipulated by demons.
    -Balor Depths (Balor) (91 - 93)
    Underneath the island of Balor stirs a nerubian complex built by a splinter faction.
    -Hiji Hollow (Hiji) (92 - 94)
    The insides of the volcanic Mount Hiji dominated by lava elementals.
    -Halls of Life (Hiji) (93 - 95)
    A titan structure on Hiji once like Ulduar's Conservatory of Life has been corrupted by old gods and home to bizzare mutated creatures.
    -Defiastown (Plunder Isle) (94 - 95)
    A dark alleyway serving as a bastion for the Defias pirate gang led by the tauren Mr Smite.
    -Den of the Cold Eye (Plunder Isle) (94 - 95)
    A series of natural caves favored by frightening local fauna including giant basilisks.
    -Mount Mugamba (Zandalar) (94 - 95)
    Covered with snow and cold, ice trolls dwell on this towering mountain with totems chiseled of solid ice.
    -Suramar Ruins (Broken Isles) (95)
    Night elven ruins similar to Dire Maul. Enemies are orcs.
    -Izal-Shurah (Broken Isles) (95)
    Spirits of the highborne wander enslaved by demons.
    -Blackfathom Deeps (Ashenvale) (Heroic)
    Revamped for Dark Tide.
    -Zul'Farrak (Tanaris) (Heroic)
    Revamped for Dark Tide.
    -Sunken Temple (Swamp of Sorrows) (Heroic)
    Revamped for Dark Tide.
    -Gishan Caverns (Eye of the Maelstrom) (95++) (added in patch 6.3)
    Avoided by the naga, these caverns are rumored to house gargantuan sea creatures.
    -Lost Cove (Eye of the Maelstrom) (95++) (added in patch 6.3)
    Cove of ghost ships manned by the skeletons of those who fell into the maelstrom, "Davy Jones' Locker".
    -Pillar Deep (Eye of the Maelstrom) (95++) (added in patch 6.3)
    A terraced area with many thermal vents releasing steam and gas bubbles. There are hundreds of colossal column-like tubeworms grown on the acidic gas from the volcanic fissures.

    *Tomb of Sargeras (Tier 17)
    Underground laybrinth full of demons led by nathrezim and doomlords.
    *Abyssal Maw (Tier 17)[/URL]
    Neptulon's scrapped raid from Cataclysm.
    *Throne of the Dragon (Tier 17)
    Den of the proto-drake son of Galakrond. A short raid, like Gruul's Lair or the Throne of the Four Winds.
    *Zuldazar Plateau (Tier 18)[/URL]
    Features an entry subzone with four bosses that later allows multiple paths of progression like Ulduar. Enlisting the aid of the faceless, Zul is revealed to be a minion of the old god N'zoth. Once defeated he retreats to the Emerald Dream. Raid faction is Hand of Rastakhan (Ashen Verdict / Avengers of Hyjal).
    *Eternal Palace (Tier 19)
    Palace of a twisted beauty and residence of Queen Azshara. The Earthen Ring cannot keep the ever-growing pressure of the Dark Tide at bay for much longer. Players venture in to stop the Dark Tide from sinking all of Azeroth. Split into four wings with two culmination bosses much like Naxxramas.

    *Older battlegrounds redesigned to bring up to the standard of more recent ones.
    *Alterac Valley removed from random queue, revamped to provide a similar experience to it's original appearance. Frostwolf and Stormpike Commendations gained from completing daily battleground quests are used to purchase cosmetic equipment and items.
    *New Battleground: Greenwood Pass
    Igiarmpr's battleground concept[/URL] set in Northeron. Factions are dwarves and high elves for alliance, forsaken and blood elves for horde. Wyverns replaced with Gryphons.

    *Glory of the Dark Tide Raider (Reward: Rainbow Plumed Proto-Drake Mount)
    *Zuldazar Plateau (Reward: <name>, Hand of Rastakhan)
    *Heroic: Ula-Tek (Reward: <name> the Godbreaker)
    *Glory of the Zuldazar Raider (Reward: Swift Bat Mount)[/URL]
    *Heroic: Queen Azshara (Reward: <name>, Light of Lights)
    *Glory of the Eternal Palace Raider (Reward: Swift Couatl Mount)

    Patch 6.1
    *New quest zone Amani Forest featuring serpent goddess Ula-Tek.
    *New world PvP and daily zone Darkspear Islands.
    Patch 6.2
    *New daily zone Zuldazar.
    *Raid: Zuldazar Plateau
    Patch 6.3
    *Naval battles, something like
    *Kraken world boss, engaged via above ships.
    Patch 6.4
    *New quest and daily zone Eye of the Maelstrom. Players start at hated with the Mak'aru faction and must prove themselves against the naga.
    *Three new instances: Gishan Caverns, Lost Cove, Pillar Deep.
    *Raid: Eternal Palace
    Uh, good job! Better than mine, probably. Ehm Hi, I'm new here. I am (better, I WAS, because I left wow during Cata) mostly an ally player and I love it because IMO represents the best values of our society. But NO, I'm not an Alliance fanboy. I like also many Horde charateristcs and characters and I can (for now) see critically what happens to the Alliance.
    I was thinking about a possible next south seas' expansion (yes, I think the legion one will be the last) and these thoughts merged with a desire of a shake up in WOW.
    Then I had an idea: what if the next expansion would bring a third faction? E what is the best third faction they can add in a south seas' themed xpac? I thought about an underwater faction. More precisely, for the most part underwater. Let me explain.
    We know very well there are a lot of nagas in Azeroth's oceans. From lore, we know they are pretty numerous (it's stated in wowpedia that Nazjatar, nagas' capital city, maybe has 50000 inhabitants). So, it's possible that a large number of them (enough to make a playable race) or even an entire sect of their society break away from azshara's rule and under the leadership of a great warlord (Myrmidon Khan? Myrmidon King? Simple Myrmidon sounds good as a racial class however) claim some underwater territories for themselves (and possibly also non-underwater). And maybe in doing this they may free some murloc/mur'gul tribes.
    Once escaped from Azshara's wrath, they may search for other allies in the Great Sea and beyond: they could make a deal with the makrura, ancient enemies of Azshara, could rescue the Rastakhan aligned faction of the Zandalari (yes, I thought about this when I said not only underwater zones) trapped in the ruins of Zandalar and abandoned by (the more adventurous) Zul's forces. Then exploring other south seas' isles like Hiji, Plunder Isle and Tel Abim they could find a separated tribe of jinyu which left Pandaria centuries ago like the pandaren of the Wandering Isle. So, some Pandaren (a neutral playable race) could choose this newborn Covenant insteed of the Horde or The Alliance. And since we are talking about aquatic races, maybe there could be some isles north in the Frozen Sea which home a faction of... tuskarr! Tuskarr interested in taking a more active role in the world and join the party! So we have THE SEA COALITION!!!
    Blizzard can create a lot of lore around this new faction of nagas and how they met/allied with the other races. They could have their own great capital cities, an underwater city similar to Vash'jr for the nagas, Mak'aru, a rebuilt Zuldazar etc...I think they also could merged the new lore with the ones of the Alliance and Horde, introducing other new regions contested between factions (Kul'Tiras and Balor contested between Alliance and Coalition, Kezan and Darkspear Islands contested between Horde and Coalition, Northeron, Broken Isles and Dustwallow Marsh between all three factions). Also we would have a faction almost entirely insular and very well founded on trade and naval routes, which is quiet a news in this game. It is true they could have to fabricate a good reason to add this faction in places like Outland, but in this case a good connection is the long standing presence of nagas in Zangarmash. The story arc could be based around an Azshara's offensive against the mortal races with the support of many (many many many) faceless ones sent by N'Zoth. IMO this entire (and obviously difficult) improvement could give a total new lifespan for WOW and give also interesting developments in lore (politics, factions' peculiarities etc..). And every already contested coastal region in EK and Kalimdor (and why not also in Northrend and Pandaria) could also gain Sea Coalition's settlements and Fortresses. Maybe interesting also the adaptability of this new predominantly submarine faction in the landmasses of Azeroth, perhaps showing completely new types of technology and magics to live comfortably on the surface (a contrast to the Ally and Horde tecnology like gunships, zeppelins, tanks etc...). And beneath Kezan Blizzard could also add the neutral City for all the South Seas, a rebuilt Undermine, and as a neutral faction the Steemwheedle Cartel.
    So, let's see:

    Rebel Nagas (more fascinating names are welcome).
    Capital City: A new Underwater city (maybe built on a NE's ruin), the de-facto capital of all the Coalition.
    Starting Zone: An underwater one. Possibly far enough away from Nazjatar and its angry queen. Drowned Reaches? Obviously will contain the capital itself.
    Other held territories: a region next to the capital, in this case the Boiling Terrace. Region Hub? I don't know, blizzard has a lot more imagination than me.

    Capital City: Mak'aru (stated in wowpedia has a population of 30000, not bad).
    Starting Zone: Scintal Reef, the makrura capital city is located within.
    Other held territories: Mah, maybe could be cool a surface isle, maybe a colony on Plunder Isle where you've to fight the bloodsail buccaneers and defeat them (a good way for the storyline, I think). Region hub, Den Of The Cold eye (a cavern complex on the coast)?
    Note: To make the race more compatible with armors and everything else could be added a more “humanoid” subspecies as the effective playable race.

    Released Murloc Tribe/Group of Tribes (again, more fascinating names are welcome).
    Capital City: None, living with the nagas who helped them in their Capital.
    Starting Zone: Drowned Reaches (or any other decided for nagas).
    Other held territories: None, but may gain a notable colony in one of the contested zones (Balor?).

    New Jinyu Tribe (bad bad bad thing does not have imagination).
    Capital City: A quiet large village, with new upgrades of the jinyu's style seen in Pandaria.
    Starting Zone: One of the random isles of the South Seas, my favourite is Hiji.
    Other held territories: It could be pretty cool add an underwater region near Pandaria. Besides, they can still hold some camps and villages in Pandaria itself (adding a Coalition's presence in this continent---> Fallsong village/tribe as allies?). Could be, via Pearlfine Tribe, a point of contact with the Alliance.

    Rastakhan's Zandalari.
    Capital City: A partially recostructed Zuldazar (an half, perhaps).
    Starting Zone: Ruins Of Zandalar (which can start as an almost entirely destroyed region and phased after a starting experience with some recostructed settlements).
    Other held territories: I consider very suitable for the purpose Tel Abim with a Troll Region hub. Maybe could hold also camps or castles in lands such Gundrak, Tanaris etc... A more approachable Zandalari faction could also be a point of contact with the Horde.

    Southern Tuskarr (for southern means more to the south of Northrend, but still north of the Maelstorm, in the Frozen Sea).
    Capital City: Something like Kaskala but more organized as a real port city (maybe phased in this way after joining the Coalition).
    Starting Zone: A Frozen Sea Archipelago.
    Other held territories: None, but could be joined by some tuskarr villages in Northrend.

    Sea-related Pandaren Faction (Anglers?).
    Capital City: None, like other pandas' factions they join the Capital of another race. The best one option IMO is the Jinyu Capital on Hiji.
    Starting Zone: Making an Anglers sect away from Pandaria, could be simply the Wandering Isle. Otherwise, Krasarang Wilds.

    Blizzard could use this idea to add also some lands in the Veiled/forbidden Seas (Continent? Archipelago?) and create completely new races that conform to the faction. Who knows.

    New Zones: Drowned Reaches, Boiling Terrace, Scintal Reef, Plunder Isle, Hiji, Pandaria Underwater Zone, Ruins Of Zandalar, Tel Abim, Frozen Sea Archipelago, Balor, Kul Tiras, The whole Kezan (and Undermine as Neutral Capital City), Darkspear Islands, Gishan Caverns, Northeron, Broken Isles (Patch 6.1, with an obvious raid inside The Tomb Of Sargeras), The Rift and Nazjatar (Patch 6.2, then we go to defeat Azshara), Rift Of Aln (Patch 6.3, with N'Zoth inside his Temple as the final bad bad bad guy).

    Oh well 18 new zones are many but with a bit of commitment blizzard can give new life to the game. In every new contested region could be a massive Azshara's nagas' presence and with the storyline evolution we should visit the regions under their control (Gishan Caverns, Broken Isles, The Rift etc...) I know also that the chances of this occurring are slim, maybe after Warcraft 4 which can change drastically the background of the story bringing us towards a WOW2 or something else. But nothing prevents me from dreaming.

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    I prefer a expansion with ponies and rainbows and a lot of pink color something deferent than blood destraction and death.

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    I'd like to see the Asaathi as encountered of even playable race. Lizardmen are cool, especially if they join the Horde.

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    My prediction is that we enter the rift within the maelstrom, battle in Nazjatar, and the main villain is Azshara who is trying once again to summon Sageras into Azeroth.

    Basically an undersea expansion with vibes of Atlantis and Bioshock.

    New class Tinker due to the increased need of technology for undersea warfare, and the events in Pandaria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyteyes View Post
    No more oriental/asian/kung fu panda bs plz
    This pretty much sums you up as a person, and I'm glad Blizzard don't listen to your "opinions"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeror View Post
    I'd like to see the Asaathi as encountered of even playable race. Lizardmen are cool, especially if they join the Horde.
    Only if this had come true (the Asaathi are now in wow known as Saurok) ...

    Click to enlarge

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