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    Shame on me for starting ranked...

    After 8 matches... I have had 2 decent games.

    I don't define decent as a win, I define decent as a game without trolls or afkers, in one game i had TWO afk!

    This is why i stopped playing ranked last year, because you actually get BETTER quality games in normal (and again better quality doesn't equate to a win) than you do in ranked.

    There needs to be something done about it, like a stricter harsher policy regarding behavior that is contrary to the code of conduct.

    Like a disclaimer that reads "Hey, if you're gonna be a total fucking shit bag, then maybe you need to stick to normals, because we're gonna ban you and anyone who associates themselves with you!"

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    When you start rank you are in the bottom rungs of the players that are their. You are playing with low ELO trash and trolls. All you can do is suck it up, stop crying, report the asshats, and push through. Once you start getting your ELO up that shit goes away for the most part.

    And if you report these people, eventually tribunal will get rid of them. But if you are going to not report them, then don't cry when they screw up your games.

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    Closing, because this is essentially a rage thread. Please use the establishes rage thread for posts like this: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...To-Vent-Thread!

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