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    It's not "price-gouging", FFS. The price of a good or service in the market is the point at which a willing seller and a willing buyer meet. Meaning that the price of a faction change is as high as Blizzard can set it before people stop buying it. Or more specifically, until enough people stop buying it as to make it not worth the bother. Yeah, they clear a lot more of a profit for a faction change than, for instance, someone selling $25 or $30 t-shirts clears per unit sold, but that alone has nothing to do with anything. "Profit" is not a dirty word.

    I wish it was cheaper. But that's true of all sorts of things I want but don't quite want to spend the money on.

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    Anyone worth their opinion should know transfers are not about the money.

    Like fuck ? If someone quits because of a transfer cost than Blizzard loses way more on their Sub....

    People leaving already low and medium pop servers are only ruining those servers more.

    Believe it or not we once got people to Join are severs "gasp!" Now people just want a High Pop Server with 100's of raiding / pvp guilds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 08nolanni View Post
    Now people just want a High Pop Server with 100's of raiding / pvp guilds.
    This is precisely the problem. During the latest times people started flocking to a certain few super servers.

    And guess what, I did too, because playing on such a server is much more fun. Just rerolled on Ragnaros (EU) and it's like a paradise compared to my old server.

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    I think they should lower the cost. Most things to 10 bucks and some to 5 bucks would solve some problems. I have 11 chars and lucky for me i am on a high pop realm. If i wasn't it would cost alot of money to transfer. Not that i play all the 11 chars but still.
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