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    jinrokh 10m heroic. 2 or 3 heal

    title says it, for those that have killed it on 10m, did you 2 or 3 heal it? we put a night in, we kept switching back and forth between 2 and 3 heals. just a post on whether you found it easier 2 or 3 healing.

    ps. if you haven't killed it, please don't waste time posting. copy/pasting from fatboss or tank spot or whatever guide you read and think you know doesn't help.

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    As a guild we have only killed it via 3 healing. However, one of our healers usually dies (me) during one of the later phases. So I would say, its possible but definitely easier to 3 heal.

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    No doubt, 3 heal, you could 2 heal it but why bother? Not a DPS check in the slightest (unless your DPS are abysmal).

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    3 healed first kill. 2 healed every kill after cause you can kill in 2 dances instead of 3. Would not recommend 2 healing without holy paly/disc priest. We have pretty decent shields going in and a spirit shell. along with 1 devotion aura per.
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    Having more healing cooldowns for the orb phase is nice, so I'd recommand 3. But yes it's doable with 2.
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    Doable with 2. We always lost a healer during lightning storm though so three healed to be safe.

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