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    Ashes dropping the day after my birthday.

    And it was. I lost the roll and was too hungover to charm my way into guilt tripping the winner. x.x

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    Everytime i see a mage die.
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    Just after my ele shaman dinged 90, some epic caster mail legs dropped from a mantid. It was like a gift from the gods.

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    Ashes of Al'ar dropped,.
    I rolled 2nd highest.

    But, by mutual agreement among the whole raid - (beforehand!) you had to have epic flying skill to be allowed to roll.
    Thus, the highest roller was invalidated.

    Guess who got the ashes then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbr View Post
    Ashes of Al'ar dropped,.
    I rolled 2nd highest.

    But, by mutual agreement among the whole raid - (beforehand!) you had to have epic flying skill to be allowed to roll.
    Thus, the highest roller was invalidated.

    Guess who got the ashes then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scathbais View Post
    Sorry, these are NOT "too good to be true" stories because they are both "good" and "true". BUT I am glad you both had such good luck! :-)
    Did you come to this thread to nit pick?

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    My "to good to be true" moment came when I ran heroic MGT and the mount dropped, then ran Kara immediately afterwards, and the mount dropped. Was doing them solo so did not have to win any rolls.
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    I don't get how any of these are too good to be true..

    My too good to be true moment was the first Heroic Putricide kill the Tiny Abom trinket dropped. I thought this is the best for me and no one else will use it. Enhancement shaman bid high too and I burned 400 dkp that I had been saving for Tier...... Sad day.

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    Saw a level 25 rare battle pet for only 100g, turns out I you can't unlock a pet unless you've trained one to that level already...mine was 14 :P
    Fourth time I went to Kara, purely for rep farming purposes I managed to get the mount from first boss. My real ID friend was jealous as hell, he'd been farming every week for over a year :P
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    Seeing all AH scores kind of depresses me. I've found some really good deals, but when something has obviously been entered wrong due to a typo, I've just bought the item and contacted the seller in case they wanted to relist if for higher. It's not like I'm losing anything, and it helps the other person out.

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    Was doing the 1st part of Legandary, and I just needed 1 more sigil and we were at Tsulong.
    Than it finally dropped and I quickly went out and got my last part of the chain to kill Sha of Fear, and finally completing the entire legendary quest the same night. ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turin View Post
    Got Baron Rivendare's mount on my very first stratholme run. I was like, isn't this rather rare?
    Haha same, but i got it on the 3rd run ^^

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    I went to check if i could summon Anzu (I wasn't sure if i still needed a druid to summon him) and kill him by myself (i was lvl 80 hunter with lvling gear), i found out that i didn't needed a druid to summon so i killed him and got the mount in the first kill

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    First week of Ony rehash, mount drops in 10 man. I win the roll. ALmost sold it for 5k to a guildie. Thought it would be more common. Glad I didn't.
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    the only thing i can think of is getting the zg tiger from old zg and the white hawkstrider from magisters terrace all in one day

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    Sun lute of the Pheonix King on BMAH, it stayed at 70k and i got it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auxis View Post

    You win! :P

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    back in cata i was doing LFR on my druid i had one set piece, by the end of the 2nd DS part, i won 3 other pieces and the agilityéhaste proc trinket

    I got thoridal on christmas day, which also happened to my 4th run, that i seriously couldnt believe :P

    And i also pick up a lvl 80 409 sword for 500g when there was 3 other just like it for 10k

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    The night where I apparently performed sexual favors for the Goddess of RNG, Lady Luck; When I looted Onyxian Drake and Fiery Warsteed within the same half hour.
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