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    Back in wrath, found a mechano-hog (back when they were selling for a ton of gold) on the AH for 200g. Instantly bought it out. And got a whisper a few seconds later.

    Guy meant to list it for 20,000g but hit post too soon. Those happened to be the exact 3 seconds I saw it on the AH and bought it before he could cancel his low auction. He whispered me and congratulated me on the good bargain, and jokingly said he had made a huge mistake. I felt bad for him and mailed him the 19,800g difference.

    Browsing the AH house and looking for good deals is still my favorite way to make gold. I have found some amazing bargains which I quickly relisted for huge profits.
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    i once killed hogger that was pretty badass

    other then that .. everytime bonusroll gives me an item i feel like .. were are my 28g? wait i got loot? DAFUQ WHAT ? .. but most of the time it's not the item i realy wana have^^

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    Kael'Thas dropping all those legendaries.
    I first thought it was a bug, too good to be true, and it turned out to be only for the fight. :<

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    got the savory deviate recipie as alliance in vanilla from a random raptor that dismounted me on my way to razorfen downs, farmed the shit out of them, paid for my charger quest

    got the blue proto drake from utgarde pinnacle on my warlocks first ever run
    on the same warlock, took it into ICC for the first time and came out with drops from every boss. i entered the raid wearing greens. it was my reroll character for my raid group. within 2 weeks i was the top geared warlock on the server.

    got the raven lord on my second druids first ever anzu kill

    got betrayer of humanity on my first ever kel thuzad kill

    winning gurthalak with 100 need roll on first madnesss LFR kill

    sniping kang the decapitator off the AH in vanilla for like 20 gold. resold for lots more.

    more recently, its the 5.2 patch rogue changes
    from whacking people with wet spaghetti to ghosting the piss out of them. reminds me of 3.0 ret paladin change.

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    That one raid when the 8 trash mobs before Atramedes dropped 4 random epics (all of which we needed, because it was at the beginning of the content).

    Another one, that's really isn't that epic but felt awesome at the time: being gripped away from a mob by a priest and instantly being back at the mob because I used killing spree in the exact same second.
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    Betrayer of Humanity finally dropped after countless Naxx25 runs. But then the raid leader just ninjaed everything without saying a word. He gave some of the loots to his guild mate so it was probably a planned thing. After that day I never joined a pug raid if the leader was from their guild, and even today that guild still exists on our server.

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    After coming back to wow for mop, I realized I could solo TK on my boomkin so I ran it for transmog loot and Ashes of A'lar drops on my 5th run.

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    Getting haunting spirits of new lfr run after release easy money

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    113 kills on LK 25m hc..still no drop! I can't believe it..

    1 time i decided to do flametalon , needles to say we went it and killed it with a great 3man group, no dropp.
    This happend 3 times in a row ( within 1 hour on differtent chars)

    My last char on who i did it, everything went wrong but we managed to kill it. Gues what? Mount dropped. Had it it reserved so it was mine
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    I also once got Sigil's of Power from each boss in my first ever run of the 2 Mogu'shan Vault sections on LFR. I thought it was normal, i only got 2 on my last monk, and haven't seen anymore on my toon with 6.
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    Got ashes of alar and the white hawkstrider both in the same day (both drop from Kael'thalas).... couldn't believe my luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkins View Post
    Got White Hawkstrider AND Fiery Warhorse on first runs trying to farm them. Not as ridiculous but I was tipped 10k for making the 522 tank helm the other day.
    Same here, got the Whie Hawkstrider on my druid first solo run and the first time I did a mount run in Kara, I gave it to someone, who quit WoW about the same year. I regret that decision, go there everyweek on multiple toons, still have not seen it again, haha.

    My favorite too good to be true moments happen when I meet some amazing people that I become good friends with on real-ID and such through the random dungeon feature, tough to do it in LFR cause it's full of either try-hards or people that do not talk, but in the little 5 man groups, I spent like 2 hours a month ago just leveling together with the same group of 5 people and it felt like we grew into a family, it was amazing.

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    Avoiding Geth Armatures on Therum
    One day, after countless runs done by my cousin for his white chocobo, I decided to join him clearing out MT (had never done it before) for the achievement. It dropped and he almost exploded when nearly rolled on it for teh lulz.

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    Getting Rivendare's Mount while leveling my monk........300 runs through out the entirety of playing wow and got it when i wasn't even trying that was awesome.Won it with a /36 roll

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    Got the phosphorescent stone drake about 20 minutes after reading about it on the MMO champ front page. Got psts asking where I got it for weeks

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    When Ashes of Al'ar dropped after only 13 runs of TK back in Wrath. Server first Ashes for me!
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    Offhand glaive dropped day before reset and Main hand dropped on reset day, and i won em

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    bought one of those jc mounts early in the expansion for 3k gold

    someone was missing a zero

    they were mad about it
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    When I killed Kanrethad Ebonlocke. Seriously, I thought I was dreaming. lol

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    -1st run of Firelands, got flametalon
    -1st run of strath on my mage, got baron mount 1st run
    -1st run of MGT, white hawkstrider
    -1st solo kill of rag, eye dropped
    -on the second Tol'vir item? I got the scimitar of the Sirocco
    -Got the carved ogre idol off ebay for $5

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