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    Found Time-Lost Proto Drake while leveling my alt, managed to relog to main and get the mount my legs were shaking maniacally during the whole thing... never really bothered farming it beforehand.
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    This time when I was leveling my warrior in the stormpeaks during wotlk I made this rivalry with a Warlock and I had killed him then he had killed me, then I killed him then he killed me, and so on. We were both finishing our final quest with the female vrykuls and he had the final score on me. I had just about given up and I went and started the final quest the one with the proto drakes to Thorim. Just as I was about to reach the peak I saw him doing the same quest and I jumped on the proto drake he was on and I killed and I watched him fall 300 feet down the mountain. It is the the keystone moment for my warrior.
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    Once upon a time, even though it was low rating arena, I had a fight vs a rogue and a mage in 2v2 with some random retri(was in Cata I believe). He died quickly and even though at the least mage was geared I took down the rogue(from 40% hp since pala died). Me and the mage fought for a while and after I had forced him to waste Ice block I charged him, after his blink, and bladestormed him. He survives the attack and we fight for a little longer before he gains some distance and puts a ring of frost between us. I knew it was a trap but both us had about 10% HP so I thought I might be able to finish him! I charge him, the ring freezes me, he blinks away and begins charging up a frostbolt! JUST IN TIME my trinket goes off, I pop it and heroic leap him, execute him as his frostbolts+ice lance goes off and both of us die at the same time!

    Was a lot more epic to me than getting both thunderfury bindings/eye of sulfuras/fiery warhorse after only a few runs.
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Found Time-Lost Proto Drake while leveling my alt, managed to relog to main and get the mount my legs were shaking maniacally during the whole thing... never really bothered farming it beforehand.
    This story sadden me, the EXACT same thing happend the me for aeonaxx, I was leveling my alt and saw my npc scan pop, I quickly logged on my main, my hands were shaking, flew in front of him, quickly changed my heal spec to my dps spec. Flew to him, MOUNTED him, then he dispawned while I was on him 2second later, gms never wanted to grant me the mount and after around 70 hours of farming, I still havent killed him yet.

    On another note, my favorite too good to be true moment in wow would probably be when I did a triple kill (3 kills under like 10seconds, all on my own) on my double mace stun rogue during BC in a battleground.

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    In Vanilla, my Warrior had every piece of T1 drop in his very first run. Unfortunately, another War, who didn't actually need them, won the shoulders because he thought they looked cool. But never again have I ever seen an entire set, no matter the class, drop in one run, and I farm MC on a semi-weekly basis on 5-6 different chars.

    My warlock got invited to a PUG run into AQ...20? Whichever the 'easier' version is. First boss dropped Vestment of the Shifting Sands, an extremely nice robe (my lock was a chick, so I mean REALLY nice :-P). The instance was on master loot. The three priests in our group (only other cloth wearers) both rolled higher than I did on it. I was sad I didn't win it, I really wanted it. Suddenly both priests exploded in raid chat about 'unfair' and stuff, and next thing I knew, the robe was in my inventory. The ML decided that it was more of an upgrade for me, and rightly so as I was wearing a green and the two priests already had epics lol. That was the only epic that character ever saw.

    My very first Kara run, the horse mount dropped. Entire raid rolled need on it, seven people rolled 98, 3 rolled 99...and I rolled 100. (Unfortunately, that account doesn't exist anymore, and I've yet to see the mount drop again.)

    In my Twink guild, level 80-84, we formed up an ICC run. (25m I guess, I can't remember.) My GM ran that place over 200 times trying to get the mount. My first run in, the mount drops...and I won it. Everyone congratulated me, but my GM started offering me all sorts of things for it. I had an unlearned LW pattern in my inventory, so I 'learned' it there in front of everybody, and so my GM though I used the mount :-P Everyone started leaving, and right as my GM was getting ready to hearth out, I opened trade and gave him Invincible.

    Similar thing happened for the Ony mount. Never went in there since the level upgrade. Went in to heal for my twink guild (on my level 90 priest), mount dropped, I won it first time in. Several of the people were irate, having ran the place for a year or more trying to get it. I did however actually learn it lol.

    I have had several, several AH luck-outs too. People mistyping the price, forgetting zeroes, just when I happened to be looking, and managed to pick things up for ungodly low prices. Everything from crafting mats, to transmog gear, to epics.
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    Warsong Gulch. It was 1 flag vs 1 flag, Alliance capped the most recent flag. 2 minutes left so I say fuck it. All the Alliance sit in their GY taunting the Horde, I run up in their base, get the flag, speed boost down the tunnel, everyone on my team comes to defend me. One Alliance comes down to kill me and gets roflstomped by everyone. I get the speed boost in our tunnel and cap the flag around 4 seconds before BG ends. Epic win. I wanted to see the Alliance chat log so badly.

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    i was in a low-level warsong gulch battleground as horde and the alliance group was far superior to my group... the capped a single flag in the first 5 minutes so we were 1-0 and then spent the rest of the game endlessly camping our graveyard. it was pretty awful. but with only a couple of minutes left to the game some rogue or druid stealthed upon rezzing and managed to escape our gy unseen by the alliance campers. he grabbed their flag, the alliance at that point was so sure they were dominating us and that they'd win that they were completely engrossed in camping us at our GY and didnt even notice their flag had been taken. they continued camping us as our fc ran down the field unimpeded and capped their flag with only a minute left to the game. at that point they realized what had happened and made a mad dash to our fr, but there was no time for them to carry it back and our side won the game due to foolish alliance arrogance XD

    EDIT: omg guy above has exact same tale, maybe he was our horde hero!
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    I pretty much had a BIS LFR set on my Paladin 2 weeks after TOES got added to LFR, got the two 496 tier pieces the first week of being 90 off the sha, too, and I swear this has eternally cursed me from ever getting drops on that character. He never wins anything now!

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    About six months after I started playing, back in WotLK, I got the Razzashi Raptor, Brewfest Ram, Rivendare's Deathcharger, and the Hallow's End mount, all in the span of a few weeks. I didn't run any of the instances more than 5-10 times each before getting them, including getting the raptor on my very first run. It started my obsession with mount collecting. -.-

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    The first time I received the t4 gloves in Kara, it was my first "big" loot, i was pretty happy, it felt like a special moment, i would check my bags during the run to see if the gloves were still there.
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    just a few days ago when i got my first Raid mount (Astral cloud serpent) from my 3rd Elegon kill. i'm a happy panda

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    1st run of Maly 10 and the Blue Drake dropped...a person wanted to buy it for 5k...didn't have epic flying yet to even use it. Could have used the 5k for it but no Blue Drake...eventually got the epic flying and used it.

    3rd run of MGT for the pet and mount to drop.

    5th run of Ony 10 to have the mount drop.

    Everytime I see a person with TLPD...I secretly curse them because the amount of times I've found him dead/same faction just killed's bringing back old memories of that I shall stop before I hulk hogan leg drop people.

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    When I got Time-Lost Proto-Drake, to be honest I've had quite a bit of overly lucky moments regarding such, but getting the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is the high point. Now if only I could get Aeonaxx, that'd be the true catch, since I've actually worked my ass off to get that mount, where as I was extremely lucky with the Time-Lost. Still extremely grateful though, got it during Wrath and despite having tons of other amazing mounts I still use it primarily.
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    for me its simple stuff like i sold a pair of green lvl 84 plate leggings for 499g it was on the mercenary i think, but still 500g for a green, thank you.

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    I haven't got much luck in WoW. Mounts wont drop for me and queue takes too long to wait. blegh....

    But i got a too good to be true moment the first time when i looted an epic world drop item. I was like: WTH, is this?? Whoooaaaa!! Awesome!!! Especially because i could use it as well on my character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turin View Post
    Got Baron Rivendare's mount on my very first stratholme run. I was like, isn't this rather rare?
    I hate you lol. Took me over 100 runs. Although I did get the swift white hawkstrider and Anzu mount within a week of each other.

    I had too good of RNG that week.

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    'T was Chistmas eve (WotLK) and I was bored, so I decided to run Strat to see if I could get the mount to drop. After 2 runs or so I managed to bugg the abomination bit near the baron, so Ramstein wouldn't spawn. I ticketed it and waited for a little bit, in hopes that I would get a swift GM response. It went a little like this:

    Etzlenos, whoever you are ... thanks!

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    Yep, this wasn't very expected last week.

    Not in FatSharkYes anymore as I quit long ago - Stop asking lul
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    Guess the only I can think of right now is seeing Ashes drop twice within just a few runs... First run I was 2nd highest roller and top roller gave it to our GM per agreement or something... Second time it was agreed that I should have it, but master looter wasn't on and the winner grabbed it for himself... Glad I can solo Kael on my own, never again am I losing Ashes even if it'll take me ages to find it again.

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    When ever loot drops that I actually need AND I get a good roll. Then that one asshat who rolls really really late and rolls higher than I do.
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