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    Someone put a whole bunch of frostweave bags on the AH for 8 gold each. Bought every single one and made a nice profit, even after I kept a few for alts.

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    The epic version of the spectral tiger for 350k, never seen it below 700k on my server. Had to buy it.

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    When i saw the Bard class page.

    I still wasn't used to april 1st jokes.

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    Ashes dropped today
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    This is America. We always have warm dead bodies.
    Quote Originally Posted by McFuu View Post
    Moral of the story, all things are solved by a high power to weight ratio.

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    I recently resubbed to check out MoP, I heard some favorable things they did to my class and wanted to check them out. Decided that with these changes to my class - more old content was soloable, and long story short - I ride a mini-ony now.
    (*first attempt)

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    Well , the first thing i would think of would be this: I heard that the Malygos 25m mount would drop in 10m and it was one of the mounts i was still missing for years , i went to malygos for the first time in aeons ( like 2 years+ or so) and it dropped.

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    I never have to good to be true moments in wow, never

    Although off topic, I was playing CoD and messing around with a pistol, and the game was 74 -74 kills, on the drone map, Im around the corner on the ground below where snipers normally go in the rocks, and there was a guy on the other team on the helipad, he decided to jump down, I didnt think anything of it but pulled up the aim, took the shot, one bullet, bang head shot, final kill,

    Showed it on the final kill cam as well ftw, you couldn't even see the player once he jumped because it was in the shadows, it was one of those moment you know you couldnt re create and absolute luck, finding a needle in the hay stack, they were insulting each other for losing and wining as the cam came up, they watched it, silence fell upon all 12 people, and it was broken by one man

    "well fuck"

    I laughed for a good 2 minutes

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    In Vanilla WoW, on my guild's 3rd Patchwerk kill, our dps was a little off and we hit his enrage. Due to a creative Asian kill of the boss where they killed him with something like three warriors and 37 mages or something crazy like that by kiting him around the spider wing, Blizzard had changed his enrage to start shooting poison bolt looking things that all basically one shot anyone around. 39 people died to first shot, one hunter named Tornados survived (I assume to a lucky resist). He got one last shot off as Patchwerk shot him a second time. Both died at the same time. It was really funny and amazing to watch.

    In WotLK, I had been one of the earlier 80s and I love collecting rare mounts. I naturally wanted TLPD and not many people were aware of it yet. Only one person seemed to have one on the server at the time (it was now week 2 of Wrath). I was about to leave for a friend's house when I decided to log in and check real quick (this had been the first time I had remembered to log off in Storm Peaks). I log in and on the loading screen tip, it gave the tip about how creatures with silver portraits are rare and drop better quality loot. I log in, fly about 200 yards and there it was. I was so excited. And with all the random factors that all pitched in, it was really exciting.

    I have farmed for TF forever. Never completed it on any toons from Vanilla to MoP. I level a Monk, get to 90. Decided to try MC. First try, nothing, as usual. Second week, I got Garr's half. Third week, I got Geddon's half. I was so confused and excited.

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    I was looking in Storm Peaks for Vyragosa for my last Frostbitten achievement.. Untill i stumbled upon the Time-Lost Proto Drake. My heart stopped beating. Someone who was farming for weeks was right behind me but i was able to get him. Now i'm the proud owner of a TLPD

    And also when i got the Sea turtle without actually farming for it (just fishing junk at Darkmoon Faire) and the catch right after also the sea pony. I considered myself one of the luckiest people in the world lol.

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    I decided to enter the Dala fishing contest, purely as a one off, and I got the fish in Sholazar basin right away, but my HS was on cooldown, I flew straight to Dala and was waiting for the fishing guy to appear due to lag, half the realm seemed to be running down the street as I handed it in. Still never finished 'Salty' I have put so much time into it. Luck is a bitch for me otherwise.

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    1 healing HC Elegon last night on an alt run (with my main), because the other healer crashed at the beginning of the fight. I'm too good to be true AHAH!
    I'm overgeared for the fight, and it's been nerfed a lot... but I saved the day and it felt good ^.^

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    In the early MoP I decided to go in the 3 ICC Dungeons on heroic, solo on my paladin... when I was done with the first, x2 battered hilts dropped, sold 1 for 7k and used one myself... what is the drop rate anyway? xD

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    Heroic Server First Kills give me that feeling. They don't happen enough for me, apparently.

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    I'll just leave this here .. picture says it all ..

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    I think this week was the first time I was feeling lucky in 6 years

    Downed 3 bosses in LFR and got 5 different loots on the first part of ToT ( with the extra coin rool)

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    pfft as if you care..
    got green proto drake mount from first ever egg and got a friend to loan me the money i was still missing to afford the riding skill to fly it

    still pretty sure i was one of the first to get it on my server if not the first as it took a good few weeks before i saw anyone else with it or any of the proto's

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    Ran mount farming runs during cata, we killed 10m malygos and he dropped both the blue and azure drakes which guildies won. I already had both but was still like, "WTF this never happens for stuff I need."

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    ran molten core for the first time, a binding dropped.

    quit for a few months right after.

    came back and ran mc again that day, other binding dropped.

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    Back in Wrath, I only had one main, my human paladin who was level 80. Anyway, I was walking through the trade district by the bank on my level 11 Night Elf Rouge when some guy messaged me out of the blue, "Are you new to the game?". I said "no" and told him I had a level 80(which was über-l33t awesome for me back in the day). Anyway, he said he was quitting and was giving away his gold to new players! I said that I have been playing since Burning Crusade, but I never had enough money for "Epic-Flying"(I did have cold-weather though). Anyway, he gave me 2000 gold! Not that much now, but back then, I was staring at my screen in awe for about 10 minutes before I mailed the gold to my main, and bought epic flying!!!!

    Anyway, I forget your name good sir, but if you by any chance read this, I thank you!
    "Use the force harry." -Gandalf

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