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    Getting back


    I'm currently getting back to WoW with a friend of mine, we have not played since the launch of MoP so we don't really know how things are going in WoW right now.

    So basically we would like to play mostly PvP, lot of outdoor PvP and some 2vs2. But we also like PvE. So we would like a Healer/DPS for PvP and Healer/tank for PvE. Is there a good comp which could do this atm?


    PS: Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language.

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    >good comp

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    A priest for sure ( Disc ) and Warrior ( Arm/tank )
    Have fun winning unbalanced 2s.

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    Just play whichever classes you like. Preferable comps in 2s/dungeons/wpvp are of course healer/dps. But if you have the correct dps/dps comp you'll do amazing with it too. Think of ret paladin/other melee, or rogue/mage, or feral/healer or DK/healer, hunter/ret etc.

    If you're looking for a 2s comp you want to look for -)High burst/CC -)decent peeling/kiting for your teammate -)selfheals/offheals -)survivability.

    For example: A DK won't last -very long- in wPvP on its own, unless he's an unholy DK with all CDs. But he has no way of escaping, while a mage has great kiting, great chances of surviving ganks, are able to gank really well and have an amazing oh-shit survivability button. Same goes for rogues, hunters, spriests and rets. Ferals have great chances of escaping, but if you're being caught off-guard it might be tough to survive sometimes.

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    Most ridiculous 2s comp is by far disc/feral.

    Disc gets three CCs that do not share DR. Clone, Fear, Mind Control. Can do damage and shield hot feral while doing CC.
    Feral gets insane damage and you can't get away from him. If he gets in trouble while his disc is CCing your partner he can disperse.

    Have fun.

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