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    another horridon thread

    3 weeks now we re stacked to this boss.
    Any help would be appriciated.
    I ve read all the forums for Horridon, and have figured out some mistakes, like we dont interupt the second priest
    but still we re having so much trouble proccesing to the 3rd gate.
    Also i think my tanks are getting hammered a lot.


    thx in advance for the info
    sorry for my bad english

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    forgot to add that our average ilvl is 490-500
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    I hope you have gotten the first door down, as that is not your issue. I fail at reading logs, but I can give you some general advice.

    Door 2
    Pre-mark before you pull the boss the 2 most side Venom Priest and assign interrupters. Dedicated interrupters, who do not switch from they target. Some might say that why not make a focustarget interrupt macro, but by making a player focus on one mob, I believe from personal experience, that this way is best to guarantee decent number of interrupts.

    Assign your warrior to one Venom Priest, tell him not to switch until the Priest has died. As you don't seem to have that good interrupts for the second Priest (of the 2 that jump down together), I would suggest marking it with skull and burning down it as fast as possible, everyone who can will help to interrupt. The Priest marked with skull should be dead by the time that Dinomancer comes.

    As soon as the dinomancer comes, make sure that you mark it with skull, burn it to 50%, use the orb, finish everything of. And make sure that someone at least tried to interrupt dino mending.

    The better you interrupt the Priests the less Effusions you have up.

    Make sure that the tanks are dispelled first, then the rest with higher amount of stacks.

    For your tanks dieing
    Assign one healer to the Horridon tank (to the tank who tanks horridon (as they tank swap). The healer should always stay close to the tank on Horridon. Your tanks need to communicate can they take one more stack of Puncture or they can't and taunt accordingly. Also your tanks should have a CD available for a new Puncture stack, if your tank has more then 5 stacks on. As the more stacks you have, the more it starts to hurt. Make sure that your tanks don't stand in swipes.

    Horridon melees a lot between the application of Puncture so anything that reduced physical damage or negates it completely is very handy to have up/use out side the Puncture application.


    If you get this far that you have found your way through the door 2 to door 3, then only thing truly tankable are the warlords. And in this you will have to disease removal the tanks > people with high stacks ASAP. If your DPS has any CD which can remove harmful magical effects on themselves, they can use it themselves to lessen the healer stress.

    If you get to door 4, make sure that no-one but the add tank stands in front of the bears, as they cleave. Also make sure that you start killing the bears with AoE only when you have all 3 together, to get less totems. Focus on the small casters, then kill the bears.
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    Arrange it so your DK isn't tanking Horridon for the third door and have him start to pop Army of the Dead just after he has established threat on the first big add. The Army will taunt the little adds and reduce the amount of diseases going out.

    Consider having the Horridon tank and one healer move all the way over to the Farraki door during the Drakkari door. This takes Horridon's Charge out of the picture and gives everyone else one less thing to worry about and a little more room to kite. And the Horridon tank will be far enough away so that you don't have to worry about him getting diseased.

    If you're still having trouble, add even more targets for the diseasing adds. Make sure the mages pop mirrors, pull out the shaman's elemental, even have the hunter burn Stampede and have them turn Growl on for just this fight. Mirrors will be up again for the end of the fight.

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    You have a Holy Paladin.
    Get him to BoP the tank twice so that your DK tanks the first 3 doors and then just swap tanks for the last gate. Will make things alot easier for you.
    He should BoP the Monk (who tanks Horridon for first 3 gates) when each Orb of Control is used.

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    Looking at logs here's what I see.

    - First thing's first. Although this fight *can* be 2-healed, I recommend 3 until you can reliably handle all add mechanics very well, especially if you're getting stuck at the 3rd door. Since you don't have a lot of dispellers in your group, damage from the debuffs is going to overwhelm 2 healers and leave them with mana-starved. The alternative is to be near perfect on interrupts and controlling the adds on door 3 with stuns, snares and army of the dead. Your dps should still be able to handle things and that extra buffer for when a lot of damage goes out will probably mean the difference between a kill and a wipe.

    - Holy pally should seriously consider running EF/Divine Purpose for this fight. Beacon should be getting moved to the horridon tank at all times. Although SS is good, it doesn't stack up to EF in most cases because the healing funnelled to beacon is going to outperform SS. He's also not getting much use out of holy prism which should be extremely strong on this fight.

    - You noted it as well, but interrupts on the venom priests are absolutely HUGE, and I cannot stress that enough. The difference between having only 2 volleys go off during the second door and having 5 or 6 go off is the difference between healers having mana for door 3 and being completely OOM. Again, your group doesn't have a lot of backup dispellers, so you need to keep the damage under control. It may help to assign a interruptors for each venom priest and have 1 person with a longer inerrupt cd (maybe one of the mages) specifically save his interrupt for the dinomancer.

    - For your healers, if they are dispelling venom bolts before the door ends, have them wait until the venom priests are dead. Spending mana on dispelling the same person multiple times as more venom bolts go out is a waste. Just pop some healing cd's to get through the door, then dispel on the way to door #3.

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