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    [Resto] Am I over-doing it to reach the 6652 cap?


    I know it is perfectly okay to stay at 3043 and just stack mastery from that point on. But I have so much haste on my gear. And for the most part my blue gems are normally the Zen Wild Jade. 160 Spirit and 160 Mastery, Not haste.

    Is this set-up alright? I feel like I am trying too hard to reach the haste cap given my gear, But I still have about 20% mastery left over.

    Anyone have any tips?

    Edit: I do raid in a 10 man environment, With another resto druid
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    Meh, the 6652 breakpoint is just not that much of an increase to really be worth it imo. Unless you have so much native haste on your gear that even after reforging away from haste, you are close to the breakpoint.

    You are gaining 12.5% on WG and the aoe of swiftmend. If those 2 combined are about 30-35% of your healing, that's 3.75-4.375% overall increase.

    Changing your reforges around, you could drop to around 3240 haste you'd gain:
    1751 mastery from gear
    211 spirit from gear
    660 spirit or crit from gear
    Dropping those 5 energized gems and using the int/mastery orange would get you 400 int and another 800 mastery at the cost of 800 spirit - (or use the green 800 mastery and 800 spirit gems - either way is a gain of 800 mastery)

    2551 mastery is about 5.3% overall healing increase right there.
    If you took the crit, that's another 1% overall increase and 400 int isn't shabby either - or going the spirit route you could've added up to 800 ish more spirit

    And that just some rough napkin math, didn't run it through a gear optimizer that i'm sure would get you closer to the 3043 point.

    All of those bonuses to me seem to out weigh the marginal gains from hitting 6652 breakpoint. If you are drowning in haste so that you might be close to it even after reforging away from haste, then sure it could be worth it. But otherwise 3043 haste + mastery/crit/spirit/int seems the better choice to me.
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    I tried what you said and reforged back to the 3043 soft cap, Or at least as close as I could get (Like 10 points off) and focused more on mastery. I suppose that's better hmm?

    I also tried the orange Int/Mastery Gem in the yellow sockets

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    Every time I try it out, I go back.

    That 5% in overall healing will not be matched by WG/efflo in their current state, or this tier. Even if it did reach 5% (which I have not been able to reach when calculating from logs), you have to consider the qualitative aspect, rejuvenation, your direct heals, your mushrooms, lifebloom, all do not benefit from the break-point, while they do from mastery. Many of those are important for triage and tank healing, and are what saves people.

    Especially once you get 4pT15, it is all about rejuvenation right now. Stack spirit, and spam. Stay at 3043
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