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    Quick question about snapshotting DoTs (Aff)

    Are you supposed to Soulburn: Soul Swap again as your procs are falling off?

    So say PBI and KTT proc at the same time, you SB:SS to get good dots up as soon as the trinkets proc; do you SB:SS again as KTT proc is wearing off to make sure you get a few more seconds on those empowered dots?

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    You are supposed to soulburn as your procs are running off, but from what I know ( I don't play affi main spec ) you're supposed to do it at the end of the legendary meta proc, instead of trinket procs.
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    If you don't have enough time to manually cast and refresh your dots then SB:SS If something procs near the end of another proc or you didn't have a good opportunity to cast all your dots before a trinket or meta gem is about to fall.

    If you're talking about the opener then SB:SS right before either trinkets or your meta gem falls off.

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    Not always, only during the opener or when you have multiple procs up that you need to snapshot quickly. If you just get one proc just manually cast and save the shard for haunt.

    This changes a bit for fights like protectors though when you are constantly multi-dotting where you will use SB:SS more, it also changes for fights like Norushen where you are flowing in shards and can freely SB:SS and Haunt and still get shard capped from Drain Lifeing all the adds.

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