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    Weapon enchants Dancing steel and Jade spirit sell well on my realm especially on Wed and Thursday.

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    This is interesting because on my server enchanting is actually one of the professions that make the best gold. I mostly make the enchants that use essences which are marked up 50-100% or more. I also sell bracer enchants for twice what the sha crystals cost.

    I do basically what one guy mentioned: run all the lfrs with my enchanting alt and roll bonus on every boss. It gets you a good amount of crystals, at least enough for the week. Then if you need ethereal shards for the xmute, run scenarios which have a good chance at a rare in the box or run dungeons which you will win 1 piece on average.

    The only thing that is cutting my profits is the very low proc rate Im getting from Bountiful Bags. I think they nerfed it because it used to be 15% and I havent seen 2 shards for weeks after dozens of disenchants.

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    It varies from server to server obviously but this should give you a general idea. (cut out non-enchanting stuff)

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    I hate to be "that guy," but I would recommend selling the raw enchanting mats if you're trying to earn the most gold. I play seriously on three servers (PvE, PvP, RPPvE) and I've found that on the PvP and RPPvE servers, it's best to sell materials. The only time this isn't profitable is on Proudmoore which is a very big, very old economy and people will tend to buy anything no matter what the cost as long as it's the lowest-priced on the list.

    Sha crystals sell for good money no matter where I am, but in some cases, it takes more conversions to make a crystal and for each conversion upward, you lose money.

    Wow! This was a great and fairly coherent post considering how drunk I am atm. Carry on.

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    i just sell the mats. they are guaranteed sales and usually sell for higher than most enchants anyway.

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    pretty much sell weapon, and bracer enchants(gated behind august celesitals), or raw mats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashvael View Post
    It varies from server to server obviously but this should give you a general idea. (cut out non-enchanting stuff)
    WoW. Those prices are even crappier than on my server. HAHA.

    Gotta hate those undercutters.

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