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    I wasn't planning on trying Hearthstone until I heard Jaylock say he wouldn't play it. 1000 times better already.

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    I find it tiresome that any matter written by the poster, is always something that creates a whole wave of, "What the hell". I don't have any thoughts on your post as your post doesn't really contain much constructive content. I really don't know why you have posting permissions sometimes. You cannot claim a game to be bad just because it contains something that is already part of the games background, it's like saying these new chips are bad because they had onion in it, and I don't like onion.

    Yes, we are allowed personal opinions, but I lack to see much real game discussion with the lack in the main post.

    But to carry on to the topic. You already have a pandaria inspired playing field, pandaria inspired cards and abilities. So, I don't mind, it's part of the game in the end. If you don't want to play it because it feels "cutesy", then you are welcome to not to, and let the rest enjoy a good laugh and fun.
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    I hope that every Warcraft-related product from here on out has Pandaren stuff in it, just to drive the insecure "fans" away.

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    omg lorewalker Cho is in the card game abandon ship! MAYDAY MAYDAY the game is setting sail for fail! How dare a serious character be cute looking! What is this! (sorry im having fun today)
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    I've never been a Card Game person myself. That's my reasoning for not wanting to play it. Not because it has Pandaren in it which IMO is a bad reason to not wnat to play it.

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    This thread is way off topic.

    If you'd like to discuss whether the pandaren / Pandaria expansion is good, we have threads for this already in General Discussions.

    If you'd like to discuss whether or not you'll try hearthstone, you're welcome to discuss it in the appropriately named "Will you try Hearthstone" thread.

    Just a reminder, bashing anyone is not welcome here. If you want to ignore posts by a certain forum user, please use the ignore function instead of posting to flame or troll that person.

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