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    New world pvp/pve event for the next expansion.

    I was thinking today about some ways to make players get out into the world more and build a better realm community and I had an awesome idea that could do this.

    It is called "Gold rush"

    At the start of the feature this would just be implented for the Eastern Kingdom's and kalimdor but later it would be added to northrend, outland, pandaria and the next expansion's continent too.

    So what does it do?

    Both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom's will get 3 bases added. This are 3 cappable gold mines accompanied by a "castle" filled with raid-like mobs that require 80 man to kill. With a boss in the end like Oondasta. This boss must be killed (4 hours respawn time) to unlock a gate leading to a flag that let's you cap the base (this would take roughly 15 minutes atleast 40 players present needed). At which the faction that captures it "owns" the base and unlocks war-effort quests to get the base better defended (there are 3 levels of upgrading) and players can hand in gold and mats to make it upgrade (this would cost alot of mats and milions of gold)

    These bases would be spread around the world and be reset every month for new equal chances. These bases would be placed in Kalimdor (Silithus, Winterspring and the southern barrens), Eastern Kingdoms (Western plaguelands, Deadwind pass and the wetlands). If a faction caps one base it will increase all gold drops in the realm by 1% for normal mobs and 0.5% for quests. If a faction caps all 3 bases it would increase all gold drops by 5% and 2% for quests. If all 3 bases are upgraded to the maximum level all gold drops would be increased by 7.5% and 3% for quests and yes this stacks with the other buff. So 15% from mobs and 6% from quests if you get all 6 bases and upgraded to level 3.

    Besides upgrading for a bigger bonus this would also make the castle harder to take (more health but also useable defenses and new features to use like an auction house or trade chat access). Also the upgrading progress is stored, so when the alliance upgrades it to level 1 and the horde conquers it they will keep the level 1 castle.

    The boss mechanic
    The boss is there to make it hard for overnight griefing. You will need 80 people to kill it and the boss will become easier when more "allies" are close to it to protect the boss. When 40 allies are present to defend the boss it would be 25% weaker then before. When 100 allies are present the boss would despawn and only the flag would remain. (This would work with a new system that let's the boss despawn for 30 minutes and the system would then check again if there are 100 allies and if not, the boss would respawn)

    How would this work for imbalanced or low population realms?
    This feature will work with CRZ. Imbalanced realms will be grouped up together to balance it out (only in the zones of this event) and low population realms will also share the same event and progress. This makes it "equal" for every faction. If one faction has the bases for a lengthy time (more then 3 weeks) a stacking debuff will be applied to the faction owning it that makes it easier for the other faction to compete and this buff will stay. Ultimately both factions would be equally strong in doing this event.

    As the feature excists longer the amouth of players to do stuff would be decreased making the event easier to do, but this would be determined by realm group looking at the participation. The castles also make use of a "fairground-system" making pvp gear less strong (but it would still help) as this is not intended as a true pvp enviroment.

    Somethings that blizzard could consider : Adding cool rewards for participating, achievements and making this event stay special like it only happening once in the three months.
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    Blizzard just needs to do World events again so people can be like WOOOW :O
    Like if next expansion would be a burning legion expansion let demons attack capitals daily or weekly.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    no blizzard will never add this, because this would be way too much fun
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    no blizzard will never add this, because this would be way too much fun
    haha made me lol

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