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    US guild stream SoO on tuesday?

    Hey gamers

    I'm looking for a US guild that will stream on tuesday(SoO), preferably an eastcoast guild but wc is fine too.

    No webcam needed just wanna see how the bosses are on live, cheers

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    A lot of people in my guild will be streaming. We're a 13/13H 25-man guild on US-Illidan. We'll be raiding from 8pm to midnight EST.

    This is our stream page: http://summitguild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=966
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    Tons of guilds will be streaming. Just go to the WoW section of twitch or Teevox and browse.

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    Midwinter usually stream

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    Sorry I should have mentioned that I'm interested in a 10 man guild as 25m tactics aint the same.

    Thanks anyway! I'll defenetly check you out

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    My guild will be streaming 10 man. http://www.topshelfsargeras.com/wp/?page_id=12

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    A few people from Dread of Korgath US will be streaming.

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    That might be worth looking into on tuesday aswell, cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by makkk View Post
    Midwinter usually stream
    uhm is midwinter not a EU guild o.O?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharli View Post
    uhm is midwinter not a EU guild o.O?
    No. /10chars
    Quote Originally Posted by Baconeggcheese View Post
    Was that really a signature worthy quote?

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    Slootbag from Midwinter usually has a pretty entertaining stream.

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    I just set up my stream for my guildmates to use while people are benched. It's not fancy or amazing, but we are a 13/13H 10-man guild that will be raiding on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday of next week.


    Restoration Druid POV.

    No matter what, good luck in SoO.

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