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    Openraid.us - why do I see so many EU events?

    Hey guys

    just wondering why when I'm on Openraid, easily half the events are from EU players. Isn't there an Openraid.eu already?

    Just a bit annoyed cos I'll see a raid for TOES (I'm looking to do one before this weekend) and then it's by a EU player. Roar.

    Is there a filter?

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    You need to sign up a character and it will search for raids that character can join. There is also most likely filters somewhere.

    This is also not the place to ask these questions, they have their own forums over at - http://openraid.us/forum/
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    Thanks a lot!

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    Openraid was pretty decent, the mods tho are not so friendly, and will not reason with you.

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    Openraid.eu and openraid.us is the same site... That's why you see both EU and US raids..
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