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    Popular/raved about games you DIDN'T enjoy?

    This thread is about popular games, usually seen by the gaming community as near-flawless, fun, addicting etc. that you, personally, have played but didn't see what the fuss was all about. Games you feel don't deserve the favorable review, or games that you feel are just so terrible you're amazed so many people can enjoy it.

    For me, it'd be Bioshock. Never a huge fan of shooter games in the first place, I decided to give this one a try due to the high amount of praise it received. It played too fast-paced, took too long to kill enemies (like, are these bullets made of rubber?) and just had a storyline I couldn't get in to. The whole hand powers thing was pretty neat, especially the swarm of bees which I thought was hella fun, but it staled down quickly.

    The other game being Mass Effect, which I loved the huge amount of customization, but the focus on action/strategic gameplay was given the backseat in favor of dialogue and cutscenes.

    To each their own, lets not flame eachother and throw a huge fuss.

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    Any elderscroll game
    Gamdwelf the Mage

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    Darksiders ...
    alot of people i know praise the game ... but i simply cannot get myself to play the game for more than 2-3 hours ...
    after that i simply uninstall it ^^ half a year later i'll install it again, play through the first 2-3 hours and uninstall again
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    Guild Wars... Wish I never wasted my cash on that garbage.

    Diablo 3. Speaks for itself.

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    oh ... and portal 2 ... isn't fun for me, somehow ^^
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    Pretty much no other answer

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    those are very popular game i tried and didn't like

    Diablo 3, not that it's a bad game, but i'm not into loot farming game.
    Multiplayer FPS, be it COD, BF3, i always get utterly destroyed, don't find it fun
    KOTOR, very confusing combat system, didn't go further than taris

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    Half-Life, Bioshock, CoD and Battlefield. i really hate FPS games.
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    Elder Scrolls before Skyrim


    Dragon Age


    GTA IV (Liked every other game in the series)

    Wind Waker.

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    Didn't like portal 2.

    I did like dead space 3... but didn't think it was AMAZING.. like most seem to think.

    Battlefield 3 was the biggest hype let down in gaming history imo. With bf4 looking EXACTLY the same in every way ( if it wasnt some bad april joke by ea)...

    Hate all call of duty games, tried to play them, couldn't stand them..

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    FF-13 the characters where shallow, the strategic comabt system sucked becuse you didnt know which padagrim you needed till the fight kicked your ass.

    Modern warfare 1, 2, 3

    call of duty black ops

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    - Diablo 3 (a waste of near £40 for me personally)

    - Any COD / Modern Warfare game - Battlefield 2 / 3 'Nam much better imo.

    - Warhammer 40K: Space Marine (online mode only - single player was superb).

    - Minecraft
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    Actually wasn't a very well made game. Numerous gameplay conflicts and pointless design. Just incredibly popular with vulgar audiences and reflected shamefully on the industry as publishers/developers and "journalists".

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    Rift. Played the beta, didn't see what was so special or "wow killer" about it.
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    diablo 3 (thank god it was free), any cod or bf type crap, skyrim or any of the gta series after 2.
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    Final Fantasy
    Mass Effect
    Dead Space
    Call of Duty (I did like World at War though)
    Assassin's Creed (anything past part 2)
    Deus Ex Human Revolution
    World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria
    Dragon Age

    Yeah, the list goes on and on. Most games that come out nowaday are crap imo. Maybe it's my age/mentality.

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    Final Fantasy 12/13, much as I hate to say it. 12 had few redeemable qualities in the several hours I put into it, and 13 made me depressed with how much fun it could have been if only combat had a little more Star Ocean twist. Being from SquareEnix I don't think that's too much to ask for.

    That hype however is mostly my own due to my ridiculous enjoyment of the several preceding installments.

    I don't pay much attention to public hype and critic ratings which makes this a difficult question to answer. I think Infamous fits the bill though. My friends talked it up really really high. I got my hands on it and expect an immediate roller coaster ride of awesome, but was sorely disappointed. Some neat concepts but it didn't deliver the feeling I expect from super powered sandbox games, a la Spider-Man or, dare I say it and raise alarm, Prototype.

    Edit: I also don't play a lot of games anymore these days, unfortunately. Busted consoles and mediocre PC hardware :\
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    Planescape: Torment

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    Ni no kuni
    The story was kinda nice (although the MC wasn't exactly the fastest ship in the fleet) and the art was beautiful, but...

    The combat was bad. Game-breakingly bad. Especially once you get your companions.

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