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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    That's just for heroic, basically. Burned him for the achievement this reset, worked just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordKefka06 View Post
    More nerfs... down another 42 million on 10m heroic tonight.

    Total Nerf: 20%, to compensate for the single target dispel nerf + 75% damage reduction change.
    Sounds more reasonable honestly, people without full mutation were doing far more than the 5% nerf it originally got. Not that beating the enrage timer was impossible or anything with the 5% nerf but it seemed like a buff to the encounter overall.

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    So on 10 man, according to logs, the boss went 305M->290M->258M.
    In 25 man, it went 916M->870M. I have been unable to find any logs of a lower health of Primordius - can anyone confirm/deny that the 25 man version has also been nerfed? If it hasn't, it seems quite "unfair". 305M*3=915M. 290M*3=870M. Clearly they have been intending the 25 man version to have 3x the health of the 10 man, so 25 man should have 258M*3=774M (or almost 100M nerf).
    There's nothing with the reduction to dmg change that affects 10 man differently than 25 man :s.

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    Here is a log from today that shows that 25man heroic primordius now has 774mil health.

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    As a lazy tank, would the zerg strat also work in LFR if we told people not to kill slimes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoooter View Post
    As a lazy tank, would the zerg strat also work in LFR if we told people not to kill slimes?
    Yes, used that strat this week. A few dps ran around to adds and didn't listen but tanked directly in center of room, never moved, dead boss.

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    Volatile pools heal primordius for 2% in lfr. Half the people probably don't even know about stacking the buffs and tunnel boss so there aren't an abundance of em up. He starts hitting harder than usual near end ofcourse if you don't kite, but given that it turns into patchwerk almost, I think it's a fair trade-off. No clue why everyone always starts yelling "omg kite boss! noob tank!". I always just stand there and he dies in similar speed and nothing happens in the fight really.

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