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    Looking for help on Lei Shin


    Is our logs, I was instructed to focus all my attention into dps since we were going to 2 heal it, but that didn't leave enough healing to go around during transitions. I will admit I'm extremely rusty when it comes to fistweaving since I was basically banned from doing it in my old group. I know I can do better, and am here looking for any tips or how I can improve.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's not the healer's fault that people are dying to 100% avoidable damage and/or personal mistakes.

    Attempt #16:
    Spawned 3 adds from Diffusion Chain, could have recovered without any deaths if people kept stuns on adds and nuked them down
    WW monk died to getting hit by 2 Overcharge, no CD popped in response (Zen Med, Diffuse Magic, Fort Brew)
    Resto Druid also got hit by 2 Overcharge

    Attempt #20:
    Ele Shaman died from not being topped off after soaking Static Shock into Phase 2, would have lived with Healthstone
    Mage attempted to solo soak Static Shock but forgot to Ice Block / Greater Invis and killed himself?

    Attempt #22:
    Ele Shaman got 1 shot by Static Shock, no Astral Shift / Shamanistic Rage

    People need to understand that they are responsible for their own survival and that 1 death usually cascades into a wipe a few minutes later.

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