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    Heroic Tortos, Heal Sniping and Duplicate ReMs

    My guild will hopefully make our first pulls on H. Tortos (25) this evening or early next week. I have some concerns, this is supposed to be a monk friendly fight and I want to make sure I shine. I still need 9 upgrades from normal modes, but that hasn't stopped me keeping up with everyone but our Holy Paladin. Everyone else has full normal mode BIS or is missing 1-2 pieces. Yes I know my second trinket is poop, but it was that or LFR unupgraded suns as my alternative. You work with what you are given and these were the hand-me-downs that the others didn't need.

    Healing Comp:
    Holy Paladin
    Disc Priest
    Holy Priest
    Restoration Shaman
    MW Monkx2
    (Shadow who goes disc when we need him)

    Our other monk brought up a concern with our GM last night. Renewing Mist(ReM) bouncing is not random. It targets the nearest injured party within 20 yards, more if glyphed. This means that if Callipygean and I are standing in the same place and start our ReMs on the same people we should always have duplicate hots. Uplift, our primary AOE only works on people with ReM active. I am pretty good at timing my TFT now so I have maximum coverage the second the shields break. I am prepped for the damage so uplifts and revivals go out the split second they can. As I have improved, his share of the total healing pot has reduced. No matter what we do, there is no changing the fact that some of our ReMs are going to be on the same people so the person who gets the heal is the one with the quicker fingers.

    This brings me to the meat of my question. What can we do for H. Tortos so that we step on each others toes less but still take our proper positions of 1 and 2 on this fight? Would one of us unglyphing ReM be a substantial benefit? Have one person choose Xuen and one person choose Chi Torpedo? Make sure we are opposing sides of the boss so we at least have range on different people? Finding the ultimate effective use for Healing Spheres? I want this to be more about each of us healing our best and less about how much I am eating away at the other healers potential for healing. I am a second monk, not a HPS parasite.
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    Everyone should be at 100% HP during the encounter so RNG ReM will bounce to different people. This fight = all overhealing counts as effective healing so you physically can't be stepping on other people's toes. The best way to really push the HPS is to revival once everyone has their shield, TFT when people are reapplying their shield, use Chi Brew, Chi Torpedo and Chi Burst effectively and you should easily see yourself hitting 200k. Tell everyone to use a personal for each stomp so they don't lose their shield after a stomp. Remember that the boss drops falling rocks that will 1 shot if you're in the radius but also does splash damage if you are near them so if you can, move away from them. Devo Aura several seconds after a stomp as well.

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    Have I told you lately that I love you.
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    If it's ever that much of a concern for other fights, you could always have one of you glyph ReM which will make it prefer the exact opposite people instead. As said though, shouldn't matter on Tortos.

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    What you are proposing is ridiculous, your ReM casting is most likely never going to be in sync anyway, and it's going to be cast on different people regardless, it always gets delayed here and there. If you are doing bigger numbers you either have better gear or are doing a better job, especially on a fight like tortos. TFT for when the shield breaks? more like TFT on CD no matter when it's up, do use one healing CD for after each stomp to help the baddies not die (priests and paladins can channel with a BOP). It's impossible to die in tortos unless you fuck up anyway. For healers it's just a test of how much HPS you can pump out and flex the meters, since it isn't a challenging fight healwise anyway.

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    His gear is better but I keep up. Sonrisa that was actually kind of what I wanted to hear. I didn't think I could be that bad of a scumbag heal ninja.
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