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    Max amount of macros?

    What is the max amount of macros you can have? In the standard UI I have 24 shared and 18 personal macros. Can it be more than that in other UI? In the past there used to be a limit on the number of characters in a macro but I haven't had that problem now, did they increase max size of a macros?

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    The standard UI hasn't really changed much in years and the basic restrictions have been pretty consistent. Perhaps the new macro syntax is allowing macros you used to make fit into the standard 255 character limit (ie: you can /use [@focus] somespell instead of /cast [target="focus"] somespell (rank 2) now)

    You can create macros beyond the default number without length restrictions using BindPad.

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    The syntax change could be it, haven't given it that much thought just noticed that I could write more lines. Thanks for the BindPad tip I will look it up.

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