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    well it seems this build worked out very nicely tonight, out healed far more geared healers in 25man tonight, top 1-2 spot every fight. rarely ran lower the 20% on mana and just went balls. this build works extremely well in a 25man setting for the healer comp i had (holy paly, holy priest, disc priest, mw monk, resto druid, resto sham). in 10man i see people running into way more issues with the amount of burst healing you have to do, but in 25man it allowed me to rely on the other healers more to keep the burst damage low and allow me to focus on maxing out the health pools.

    the spec seems rather counter intuitive at first glace, but when you try it and start tinkering it for your play style, at least for me made a drastic improvement on my gameplay.

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    MW monks are...the STRONGEST, at healing burst damage. Not sure what you're doing if it's different for you. Chi Dumping/Chi Brew combined with TFT and chi torpedo make it a non-contest. We have what is essentially a 45s CD on pumping out a couple million healing over the course of a few globals. Perhaps I misunderstood you but...yeah. And I don't know if I'd say counter-intuitive. Free heals on relatively short CD's are pretty awesome for mana management.

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