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    Lor'Themar Theron. Taking over the Thunder Isle has been so fun, I even kind of enjoy doing the dailies.

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    There are a lot of nice characters and I can't sit on one as favorite.

    I like Taoshi, Lor'Themar, Cho, Vol'Jin, Anduin and Lil' Deathwing.

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    Lorewalker Cho and Chen Stormstout

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeActionTess View Post
    Sunwalker Dezco. Fighting while having infants as armor. NOW THAT GUY IS BADASS
    Unfortunately for a mostly Ally player, I would say its been a good round for Horde characters. Vol'Jin, Garrosh, plus the team you arrive in Pandaland with. They all seem to have better development.

    Anduin and Wrathion are also good. I like the Black / White. Ying / Yang, especially as its a Asian themed expansion.

    The Celestials, altho not overplayed the constant knowledge they guide the ways of Pandaria in the background has made the whole place feel more RPGy.

    Got a lot of hope for more character development (Alliance especially) in next Patch. Would like to see Anduin go bat shit insane and Wrathion bring him around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    the best is clearly Riko you bunch of dookers!
    I love you

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    Sunwalker Dezco, Lor'Themar Theron, Vol'Jin, Chen Stormstout, Taran Zhu...

    Probably a couple more I can't think of off the top of my head.
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    Favorite is a really really tough choice. Blizzard has done an excellent job this expansion of really fleshing out new and old characters.

    Vol'jin and Chen will have to get my vote though and there bond. Love how you just periodically run into Chen all around Pandaria and he's just so optimistic and wise it's hard not to jump on board. Then you have Vol'jin being the first Horde member to actually stand up against his warchief and take a stand for the WC3 type horde. You got to respect him for having the guff to do it to Garrosh's face unlike Theron and actually have the intelligence to involve and come to YOU. The one person who no one in the Horde, Alliance or Azeroth fucks with.

    Theron, Cho, Li Li, The Klaxxi/mantid as a whole, Anduin, Varian, Wrathion, Nazgrim, Dezco, Lei Shen and the mogu. So much good character development this expansion.

    For the love of WC3 I hope Rexxar comes back with a vengeance. How awesome would it be if Vol'jin and chen get to have there reunion with him as well and work to take down Garrosh together and save Org. Just like they were the ones who got it up and running back in the day. It would be so fitting. Just even the time we got when Chen takes care of Vol'jin and the conversations there made me so jacked and got me so nostalgic for WC3.
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    Varian and Lei Shen.

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    I have grown to really like Wrathion. He kind of reminds me of stories I read as a kid where this eccentric guy comes up to the hero and says "Hey hero, I found this old map relic thingy and there may be treasure at the end. So do you wanna go on an adventure?" and then adventuring ensues.

    I certainly hope the rest of the quest has some major things unfold.

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    Wrathion has been great so far, really like he's character.
    Sunwalker Dezco is another great character, one of those I simply want to see more from.
    The klaxxi, I really loved the klaxxi. Kinda sad that their story (for now) is pretty much finished.
    The bloodelves are also getting a lot of love, much needed so.
    Riko, while more of a comic character is simply great.

    I still haven't gotten around to lvl my alliance char, so don't really know what i think about the alliance characters yet.
    And overall I have not enjoyed any pandaren characters, with one exception, and that's lorewalker cho.

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    Lorewalker Cho, dat voice acting!

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    Lorthemar, i really like how they make him way more relevant in these expansion

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    Vol'jin and Baine, Thrall is too Mary-sue and Garrosh (while awesomely orcish) is turning into orc hitler, which is a no-no! I don't care much for the other leaders. Lor'themar might become more interesting if they actually put him into a position of power (reagent doesn't scream power).

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    Sunwalker Dezco, definitly. Lorthemar Theron, too. Neutral... Chen. Alliance? Anduin/Isaac.

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    Lor'themar, he's actually doing things its exciting!

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    Lei shen and pretty much all of the mogu. Their lore is super awesome, and i really love their voice actings. Especially Lei shen's and weaponmaster xin's

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    Lorthemar, Voljin and Wrathion atm.

    Lorthemar because he actually takes actions to PROTECT Horde.
    Voljin, To wipe out the shadow Garrosh has cast upon the Horde.
    Wrathion, that dude is my favorite (evil?) character. I hope blizzard doesn't fuck this one up.

    and Dezco also gets some credit to show another face of the horde to panda leader.
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    Even though he's got a different name in-game now, THIS is my favorite character
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    Wrathion, no doubt.

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    Kil'ruk the wind reaver. Despite being bug he have more spine then panda's horde and alliance together. And also he is first person in wow to not bullshit you and be honest.

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