In game iamawesome#1439

Server: U.S. - Misha

Mists of Pandaria
-Tier 15(25): 11/12
-Tier 14(25): 16/16N 4/16 Heroic
MV: 6/6 HoF:6/6 ToeS:4/4
-Tier 13: 8/8 Heroic: 8/8
-Tier 12: 7/7 Heroic: 2/7
-Tier 11: 12/12 Heroic: 5/13
-Tier 10(25): 12/12 Heroic: 9/12



Applications from exceptional players of any class/role are always welcome.

Raiding Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
5:00pm - 8:30pm PST (Also Server Time)

Applicant Requirements:

Solid Attendance: If you are going to miss 20% or more of raids, you need not apply.

. Forum strat sign offs required so we know that you have looked at the fight.

· Good Attitude: Positive and respectful attitude with a focus on building up people and the guild.

· Accept Criticism: We are focused on raiding, accepting criticism is important for progression.

· Knowledgeable: Applicants should know and play their class well and be up to date on class mechanics.

· Well Geared: Evidence you have done all you can to properly gear yourself, if you are missing enchants, gems, or most rep rewards do not bother to apply.

· Hardware/Software: Internet connection and computer that consistently perform well in 25 man raids. Standard raid add-ons: Mumble, DBM, and add-ons appropriate for your class.

Raider Benefits:

· EPGP loot system rewards effort, trial rank and above raiders earn EP:

· Leadership: Official guild raids are lead by knowledgeable people that know all aspects for raids.

· Raid Environment: No screaming, name calling, or insults. Just solid, straight forward call outs when people need to make changes or improve.

· Guild Environment: Very social, guild events, lots of theory crafting.

· Repairs: most raider repairs are covered by a healthy guild bank.