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    Horridon 10N Heelp

    Hey, so we've arrived at the 80th wipe mark and I'm on the brink of insanity. A fair portion of those were on the 2nd door but that's sorted now, had a few tries where we reached P2, but for the most part it's the 3rd door that destroys us.

    Once we get to the 3rd door, we normally use hero and stay generally huddled around the add tank so the small adds can be cleaved and whatnot, but they're just not dying. By the time we shut the gate we can't dispel fast enough and we're getting totally overrun with diseases, normally leading to deaths or just having to blow every cd and all of our mana with nothing to spare for P2. We've definitely established that the adds aren't dying fast enough, but with no idea how to make that happen. Our best attempt we managed to get the war-god down, but due to the lack of cds and mana our tanks got wrecked and we wiped with 57% left on Horridon with just a minute until berserk.

    It's worth noting that everyone is around 500-508 ilvl, so we're not exactly undergeared. Here's the logs:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dices View Post
    Once we get to the 3rd door, we normally use hero and stay generally huddled around the add tank
    I stopped reading there. clumping up on add tank means that the frost orbs are WRECKING your raid. and pissing away a ton of healer mana/cd's. and causing dps to panic and pop cd's and stay alive instead of focusing on dps. our group has every stack on that gate, but the add tank away from everyone else. the little adds sorta ignore threat, so let your melee kill those once they get to ur dps/healers. and tell the ranged to focus down the warlords.

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    Oh okay, that was just how I was told we should do it, kiting around as a group but admittedly it usually didn't happen like that at all. I get what you're saying, thanks.

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    Yah, I always chase after small adds while being mindful of healing range (or rather, mindful when healers scream that I'm out of range). The littlest adds die so quickly they should be taken out right away and then the mediums. It's hard to melee the frost orb guys so I usually don't even try.

    Sadly, I can't tell you the 4th door is necessarily easier for a normal raid. It wasn't for us--our tank kept dying. Here's one piece of advice that's gold: if you get to the Horridon/big add phase, the big add can be disarmed when he starts really hurting the tank. We wished we'd known that since one of our wipes was because our somewhat undergeared tank died just as the big add did.

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    Oh nice one, I'll make sure we get him disarmed then
    As for the 4th door, if we get there, we're usually fine provided over half the raid aren't coated in 5+ stacks of diseases, but I still feel like all of the adds in general are taking too long to die.

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    Theres loads of threads here saying how its done. Go and read those. focus on your interupts, target prios and kiting strat. These 3 things make or break this fight.

    Look at where you take your damage and adjust your strat accordingly. The attempt you linked you took
    1) 6m damage from iceorbs - somethings wrong here!
    2) 10m damage from fireballs on the 4th door (kill the flamecasters, interupt them, they have no HP - save the bears for later)

    It's like 80 wipes and you are clumping up on the tank on a gate where the mobs apply debuffs on successful melee attacks "hey mr bad guys, we're in a huddle for your convenience!" and where the second ability is a mage like frost orb that punishes you for not kiting. You need to learn the fight as a team, 80 wipes in its clear you don't understand it.

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    Okay I understand that, seems I've been super ignorant to both of those. I honestly didn't think the fireballs were doing so much damage, but that can be easily remedied. As for the kiting, I'll definitely shift the focus to that, would you suggest going along the wall leading to the 4th door? Thanks a lot though, I think I need a few more wake-up slaps

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    Hi Dices,

    We also had quite a bit of trouble with Horridon, and though our gear was slightly less than yours, I can see him still being a huge pain if your group aren't doing exactly what is needed.
    I would suggest stacking up on your tank for the third gate, especially since you're running with a priest for mass dispel. From there, kite along to the fourth door, moving ONLY when orbs are placed down (keep an eye on those blue circles and tell your raiders off for taking too much damage.) Have your hunter misdirect the pair Frozen Warlords to the add tank and pop Time Warp as soon as they land.
    Tell your tanks to make a macro for marking their target as a skull. I'll pop that at the bottom for you. From there, ensure they immediately mark up one of the two elites for the dps to nuke down. Also ensure everyone is cleave dpsing. You can't afford wasted time so you'll want everyone to be focusing the same target.
    Aside from that, make sure everyone is spread out 5 yards for the fourth door and keep those Flamecasters locked down.

    When you reach Phase 2, taunt swap (of course) and have your raid stack up on top of the War God Jalak tank. Ensure you are close enough to Horridon so raiders can quickly run out with the charge. (We found it was easy if we just dropped the charge ontop of the Horridon tank, so there is no re-positioning required). Ensure that the tank who is picking up War God makes good use of defensive cooldowns, and use raid cooldowns for each shout, starting on the second one. You won't need AoE healing again so it's best to use it all. From there, healers need to just focus the tanks and dps simply push the boss. You shouldn't hit berserk if you are quick to finish up the adds from each door and can put in a little bit of damage to Horridon whenever possible.

    Best of luck, and keep us posted on how you do!

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    Thanks a lot for that We'll be going tonight so I'll make sure all of that happens.
    One more thing though, diseases can be mass dispelled?

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    It seems that you guys are struggling with keeping everyone alive. I see you do very little interrupts? 13 interrupts over the whole fight?? Which I find wierd with so much classes being able to interrupt.
    The lack of interrupts is a huge part of the damage people take because of nobody interrupting.
    And you even 3 heal it, so healing should not be an issue if the interrupts are in order.

    On your best attempt I saw that the Dinomancer for example healed Horridon for almost 60 MILLION HP. That is huge.
    That might explain why you guys have so much issues downing Horridon before Berserk timer, because of the lack of interrupts.
    Not to mention the 10 mill fireball damage as some person mentioned above me, and the frozen orb damage as well of 6 mill.
    Especially the fireball damage can be avoided by nuking the add hard and interrupt it.

    You say your raiders all have 500 to 508 ilvl, that should me more than sufficient to down that boss with over 1 minute left on Berserk timer in my eyes.
    When my guild first did Horridon we 2 healed it and everyone was below ilvl 500 and still downed the bastard without much issues.
    So something you are doing wrong. It is hard to check it all from the logs, guess something is going wrong tactic wise for you guys (as some others mentioned the positioning might be wrong)

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    Yeah, the fireball and frozen orb damage was a huge oversight on my part, know how to fix that now though. I've not had the chance to see how the interrupts are going on the dinomancer on the 3rd and 4th doors since I've always been in a frantic panic trying to keep everyone alive, but crikey I didn't think it was that bad. Will defo make sure those are getting interrupted a lot faster, thanks for the feedback.

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    Soo, it didn't exactly go all to plan tonight. We had one sort of clean try, managed to get into p2, we were a healer down and the war-god trucked our tank pretty quickly after his disarm ended. Some good news however, fireball damage down to 2.2m and frozen orb down to 1.2m, disease damage still super high though. As far as I know and from the log people were cleaving them, but it still seems like they're dying super slow.
    Majority of wipes were due to random deaths to stupid things though and I think we're getting pretty close to a kill now - the berserk timer was around 3 mins when our tank died, war-god was almost dead. Thanks to everyone for all of the help :)

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    Hey, its progress!

    Don't forget to have the priest symbi the pala for the ability to remove diseases. Dispel at 3 or so stacks, don't just dispel mindlessly. Use your earth elemental here, get the mage to pop mirrors, stun the adds lots etc! All of the above should help keep the diseases under control.

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    Stacking during the Frost door isn't necessarily a bad thing...it is what we do...you still kite, but as a group. This allows more efficient killing of adds and easier healing while still moving from Frost Orbs, just as a group. To deal with the disease guys we use things like Earthgrab, roots, earth elementals, stuns, etc and just burn hard. Whether you try to stack or not on frost door should depend, I think, on how melee heavy you are.
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    Thank you all so much for every little bit of info as we just got our kill!
    Add control was much much much better, happy days.

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