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    Quote Originally Posted by Liebchen View Post
    Pretty sure spreaded Combustions don't get a bonus from DMG-Multipliers anymore... didn't they fix it sometime during Heart of Fear?

    NT knocks back the pink Dino too when you apply it. Nether Tempest is basically always better than Living Bomb since Infernoblast doesnt spread it anymore. Only scenario would be when you constantly have 3 Targets standing on the same spot which you never have.
    It does indirectly, due to bigger ignites.
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    Make sure there's actually a magic debuff (Curse of Elements) on mobs..

    I know, when our rogues tunnel bosses (like every fucking boss, gg..) and our warlock doesn't drop COE.. it's very noticeable..

    Other then that, he's just trying to compete with people spamming dots/aoe..
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