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    what upgrade is better?

    im not realy sure what upgrade i should buy for my resto spec.

    I used to be elemental so i still have some ele items.

    should i buy the trinket Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault
    or the legs Kilt of Rising Thunder

    Here is my armory

    You already have my thanks!


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    Non of those, unless you can and will use that trinket on cooldown. Also those legs don't have spirit. Or if you think you are @ acceptable level of mana regen, than you can go for the legs.

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    That spirit trinket is rather terrible, unless you need to maximize your spirit to be a mana battery for your 25-man raid. For anything else, you'll be better off with int trinkets. And except for Horridon's trinket, any other trinket procs or on-use effects in ToT are universally terrible for us and/or generally not so brilliant.

    The Shado-Pan healer trinket is really nice, and I personally use it to complement my Darkmoon Card or my Spirits of the Sun (which are both equal in regards to int and regen in the versions that I own, so it depends on fight length which one turns out to be better... and I mostly use the Darkmoon Card because it's less dependent on fight length in regards to its internal CD).

    In the end, I'm planning to wear Shado-Pan + Horridon's, unless Blizz provides us with a better alternative to STotSP. I'm not yet factoring in high-end heroic items such as the one from Lei Shen on heroic... because that one's too far out of reach yet.

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