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    after playing both factions extensively there are lots of superficial reasons
    night elf male hunters-either vanilla wow players that are unspeakably good, or just bad fucking children
    male draenei paladin-especially with transmog now, everyone trying to be the TBC cinematic draenei. usually they are always bad. like bopping themselves and attempting to hearth bad
    keyboard turners-a free kill in any pvp situation.
    druids with some form of resto/feral/cat/bear/tree/moonkin/anything-i am guilty of this myself, but only named myself what i did to annoy other people
    anythingQT-these people should be euthanized. yea im gunna put QT at the end of my name damn im cool and original.
    human male ret paladins-goku hair, check. autismal name, check. horrible player and a free kill? check.
    deathknights with anything related to dark/death/scourge/arthas/knight/Xxsupakillaxx-12 year olds.
    people who advertise their streams in trade-tryhard bads screaming for attention. only once did i see somebody who was actually skilled.
    male orc rogue-in TBC on my server there was this massive troll who played male orc rogue, he was annoying as fuck.
    all hunters-i automatically assume they are bad and retarded until they prove otherwise
    all deathknights-see hunters
    all warriors that dont have a rank 1 title-see hunters and death knights
    all frostmages-see above
    dual wielding blood dks with spellshattering and gemming for all stam-uninstall
    anyone that uses the blizzard store mounts-90% of the time they are just being annoying on purpose, but there is that small percentage that is actually serious about them
    bronze drake-casual that uses gearscore, has a quel delar and wears both +hit badge trinkets because of the item level. (wotlk paladins everywhere).

    transmog section.
    rogues in anything that isnt t5/t6/merciless/vengeful-either a nostalgic vanilla wow player, or a horrible person
    death knights wearing the starting gear-what the shit
    all females wearing skimpy clothes-moon guard is that way
    warriors dual wielding armageddon and wearing full wrathful, generally an orc or worgen warrior-attention whore, bad player and a free kill.

    i could go on forever.
    from playing this game from vanilla, ive seen a lot of horrible players fulfilling all stereotypes, nothing really shocks me anymore, i just tend to hate everyone now until i get to know them.

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    I judge people with what I think are stupid names. Can't help it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzy129 View Post
    I discriminate against all Brazilian players. Particularly from Quel'Thalas.

    Sorry if it seems racist but I've never played with a Brazilian that wasn't tied for the worst gamer I've ever seen in my life.
    I'm from Brazil and that's about right. A long time ago, some friends convinced me to transfer over to Warsong, the old extra-official brazilian realm. Oh, the horror.

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    Gnome.. anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaramon View Post
    A rare hunter pet without a name. Seriously you spent so long camping it yet you can't name the poor thing?

    Anyone in a whoreish transmog.
    Lol my hunter is in pretty revealing armor and I almost never bother giving pets names xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrosislol View Post
    Male Dwarf hunter. Havent met a good one yet =x. Always have pet taunt on/misdirect no existant/low dps/miss pulling
    As a male Dwarf Hunter, this offends me.

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    With WoW becoming ever more cross-realm based the first thing I look at is the person's realm. I PvP a lot and you can tell almost all of the time who are/are not scrubs just by seeing what realm they come from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariakan View Post
    I'm from Brazil and that's about right. A long time ago, some friends convinced me to transfer over to Warsong, the old extra-official brazilian realm. Oh, the horror.
    I can also confirm this, as I saw players from Warsong on my battlegroup for quite some time. The language barrier is one thing, but these players were just plain terrible in every regard.

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    I don't for choice of race, class or transmog gear, but I do if I see a stupid name, or if their gear is completely gemmed wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sett View Post
    Seeing my fellow ret paladins run around with DBZ hair and GOKUxx make me facepalm.

    But... Aren't DBZ fans suppose to be older now too?
    DBZ stunts growth more than cigarettes.

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    Yep, same about male blood elfs and peoples who have special characters such as "ø" in their in-game name.

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    In your base, killing your dudes
    Slutty transmog armor, or a stupid trying to be funny name... though I suppose that applies to real life too
    It was never Hardcore Vs Casual. It was Socialites Vs. Solo players
    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    Male BE's. Especially male BE's of classes where BE racials are inferior to others.

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    Goblin males. I've never spoken to anyone playing a Goblin male who wasn't a complete asshole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maruka View Post
    Players from Quebec.
    This guy is PROBABLY from US-Lethon Horde to say that. For those that have no idea what i'm talking about: Lethon horde basically has a 80% french Canadian population and most of them are assholes. I rolled a toon there and left as fast as I came. We are not all rude like that, only Unhuman. :|

    On topic, Any Blood elf or Night elf MALE DK or any DK that has DK, Dark, Death, Rune (and so much more) in their name.
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    Voted YES.

    from my experience, 99% chance the player is horrible/annoying if:

    - male draenei anything.
    - cow paladins (esp. Ret pvp)
    - players from EU-Outland server. pvp tryhards, running in circles around the boss "omg look at me I am using keybinds, so pro", not realizing boss is parrying their attacks, and their dps is shit.
    - players who are really really terrible at English. Feel free to flame me, but from my personal experience, when someone is terrible at English, they suck at playing the game too.
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    Hunters when I'm tanking and QT's. QT's usually end up being jerks, sometimes justified, most of the time not. Hunter used to be my main, but when I'm on any tanking character I hate other hunters. I chain pull and go at a pretty good pace, but when I stop for a second for like a rune to come back or a cd to finish (never more than 5 seconds or so) they just have to MD and pull shit. That and when they leave growl on and suddenly one mob out of the pack is halfway across the room...

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    People from any Brazilian realms. I automatically assume they will be terrible and most likely afk. I have yet to have a good experience from someone from a Brazilian realm.

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    I know its wrong of me but I tend to discount nelf hunters named any version/spelling of Legolas. Leggalos, Lolelgolas, etc. I pretty much assume that you're scraping the well in terms of putting thought into your class/name. :P

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