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    Human male anything. Bonus point if he has that horrible, blond anime-wannabe hairstyle that I ended up nicknaming Goku-hairdo. Even more bonus points if he's ret, because then 99% of the time he will be terrible.

    Oh, for horde, that would be male orc anything. I just haven't ever seen a good male orc, though male troll hunters make me on edge, too.

    Of course, I wouldn't refuse him in my pug, if I'd make one, and if everything looks good, but still, I'd be expecting the worst. The discrimination is in my head, as a result, so I'm not sure if I should vote yes or no.
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    i assume every hunter is an idiot until proven otherwise (sometimes theyre a bot instead).
    i really just dont like boomkins (though with glyph of stars i'll give them a pass).

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    -All DKs to me are little kids that don't know how to play
    -I play a hunter as my main yet other hunters at level 90 irritate me because they make mistakes like leaving aspect of pack on, aggro the boss, or forget they have other skills like deterrence and traps
    - Anyone with funny symbols/characters in their names. Did they really want that name badly or something? If i can't look up your armory or put you on a friend's list, forget it.
    -Anyone using title 'Jenkins' or 'Kingslayer' is a noob, jerk, or a bad player to me.
    -I hate names like 'Icritu', 'healzalot', 'xiamkewlx' which tells me you are a baddie.

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    Nope. Because it's a stupid thing to do.

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    I think someone, in almost all italian realms ,has told them that using the announcing abilities addon is obligatory..You can't imagine what happens in LFR when we have 10 of them !

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    Oh hell yeah. Anyone who uses the term "baddie" or any derivatives is a sub-person unworthy of any meaningful human interaction.
    I also always try to kick any player who calls to kick anyone for any reason other than AFK.
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    If you have a stupid name or a vulgar name I immediately label that person as stupid little kid until I find out otherwise.

    I also hate Warriors/DK's that wear purple Paladin T2 recolor lol (same goes for Paladin/DK that wears warrior green T2 recolor)

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    DKs with anything DK related in them like "death" "knight" "dk" "lich" "king" "death knight" "lichking" or any race/class combo name like "undeadmage" etc.

    I also hold grudges against:
    -Night Elf: DK, Hunter, Warrior
    -Human: Rogue, Mage, Hunter, Warrior
    -Dwarf: Hunter, Rogue, Priest
    -Draenei: Draenei
    -Gnome: Rogue, Mage, Priest
    -Worgen: Warrior, Rogue, WARLOCK AND MAGE AND SPRIEST
    -Pandaren: Warrior
    -Orc: Warrior in certain gear
    -Undead: -
    -Tauren: Female/Paladin
    -Goblin: Priest, Mage, Warlock
    -Blood Elf: Male
    -Troll: -

    There ya have it. All of my hated race/class combinations. I automatically hate any player who backpedals and automatically presume he's a bad player. If someone is doing shit DPS I either presume he's/she's a lazy person, or a terrible player and I cba to help them because of past experience with trying to help newbies.

    I also strongly dislike most death knights, especially after having played one myself. Same goes for hunters, rogues and mages.

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    It's usually names that do it for me. If I see someone with a name like "Stabuded" or "Loldotz" or some such nonsense I automatically assume they're going to be an immature and terrible player (which is, ironically, immature). I know it's a terrible habit but my experiences so far have not been contradictory to the assumption. lol

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    Do you mean discriminate against or are prejudiced against ?

    I find myself prejudiced against folks who don't xmog, but I don't treat them any differently.
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    I think people who PvP in WoW aren't the brightest group of people.

    And players with alt codes in their names. Same thing. Not very smart.

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    Undead males are almost always rude and elitist.

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    Bad names or using other letters as a replacement for another(healz, etc.). Every single one of them I have seen is either terrible, a d-bag, or an elitist dbag.

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    Whenever I see a mage; I immediately think they are douchebag scum that deserve nothing. Obviously that isn't true, and some have proven me wrong, but more so have proven me right.

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    People that type: Rouge instead of rogue and people using the title "the Patient" and "Jenkins"

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    Only if they show off their "Typical" nature. Even than, it's hard for me to keep that mind-set unless they are a straight up asshole.
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    No although I do sometimes judge them harshly based on the name they choose :P
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    Names that aren't names annoy the hell out of me. I hate seeing an entire sentence crammed into a single nameplate.

    Anytime I encounter a Hunter with better gear, doing worse numbers than me. Also, Hunters who DON'T name their pets. What kind of heartless monster treats their pets like nothing more than a stat/buff stick. T_T And finally, Hunters who don't use Misdirection!

    FotM re-rollers. If you play a spec, or even a class, for the sole reason that it does X% more damage than the others, go find a cactus and...give it a big hug. I'd get an infraction for saying what I really want you to do with it. If you actually enjoy playing multiple specs, then it's a different story, but if your only reason for playing it is because it does more damage, I want nothing to do with you. Play what you like, it's a game, not a job.
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    Not anymore really, but during Wrath after introduction of LFD no players ever from Ravencrest EU had any sort of redeeming qualities in them. They were universally hated by anyone I knew and often the subject of the Trade chat.
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