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In addition to this & Wintergrasp in general. What did ever happen with the tenancy buff achievement ? (yeah smartasses im not sure about the name .. it had to do with one faction outnumbering the other one heavily) It used to give an achievement wich was taken out to be made into a Feat of Strenght. Never happened ....
Then there is allot of rare mounts that don't have an Feat of Strenght achiev for them while allot of others have (no for stonecore / vortex pinnacle,none for new ZG mounts (inb4 timed run za bear kid retards mistakes.) while i did get feat of strenght for the old zg ones + stratholme horse + anzu + kara mount etc ..
I guess blizzard was working to hard on handing out all of there feat of strenght for killing pve bosses on normal mode .... (tbh ahead of the curve shit is total bullshit and blizzard is just going downhill each exp more and more ...)
Because you know, all of those are hard to get (outside of just daily run in, 1shot everything, collect loot) and totally need a FoS for it.