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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
    Well, they don't. But the idea IS to make a game that's appealing enough to players of mmos. And since a very significant number of those players play world of warcraft, it is fairly ideal to make your game exceed wow at what it does best.

    I for one think the market for gaming is always growing and welcome new competition in finding more "fun" things to do. But mmo's aren't for everyone and I don't even think they will be the big thing in the gaming industry down the road.
    I hate this type of thinking. I really do. I know it's pretty standard internet-forum-hyperbole, but it halts any type of honest dialogue. Obviously every MMO's goal is to be #1. That goes without saying. Its' also pretty obvious that if they become #1 they would be bigger then WoW, by definition. Now that we have the part we all agree on out of the way. Not being the best in the world doesn't make you a failure.

    What are you the best in the world at? Regardless of the fact that you aren't the best in the world at anything, and the fact that I don't even know you, I'm still willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are not a failure.

    Winning a silver medal at the Olympics is OK. I'm still trying to think of a word that would describe the type of person who would walk up to a Silver Medal winner and tell them that they are a failure. None of the words in my head seem to be strong enough.

    In closing:
    Not being the best in the world =/= Failure.

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    Nothing lasts matter how fun. It's like when you are a kid you tell yourself, "I'm gonna be a kid forever!" but sadly you still grow up and turn into an adult and tell yourself, "I'm gonna act young forever!" but then real life kicks in and makes you feel old all of a sudden...regardless if you want to move on or not isn't what the issue is...sometimes it's just time to move on. Whenever that will be, no one can say. But like I said, nothing lasts forever and a time will come when people, including blizzard, have to move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evokanu View Post
    Far from it, WoW took a lot of inspiration from other games, and was hardly the first MMO either.
    yes, but that's like saying the beatles or elvis weren't influential because they weren't the first people to make pop music.

    if you want to explore the legacy side of things and look at the games that basically built the groundwork for the MMO genre then you're clearly looking at ultima online and everquest... but since WoW is not only the first MMO that a larger majority of MMO players experienced but also the game by which the current market is most heavily influenced by, it's not unreasonable or inaccurate to say the current MMo genre is defined by WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tipzett View Post
    well that sucks, but if they continue like they do now, they will kill it in a year or so..
    Actually that's wrong. If they continued at the same pace as they were with Cata then sure. Problem is that a month ago they said they now have a stable team for WoW and they will continue to release the patches at the same pace, which means we will get a patch every two months to three months, which is more than enough.

    But there is peeps like me that wants a MMORPG thats Balanced and still fun on many ways, GW2 had the chance, but they failed..
    What you're searching for doesn't exist.

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    I play the mmo I like and don't care who is number 1 or what new mmo will beat the number 1 mmo. In fact, GW2 and Rift are not number 1 yet they are both good mmo's and have NOT failed. But, to a player who is enjoying a particular mmo then THAT mmo is number one to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldritchforeshadow View Post
    I play the mmo I like and don't care who is number 1 or what new mmo will beat the number 1 mmo. In fact, GW2 and Rift are not number 1 yet they are both good mmo's and have NOT failed. But, to a player who is enjoying a particular mmo then THAT mmo is number one to them.
    I like your attitude. Play the games you play because you like then, not because everyone else does.

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    I suspect WoW will evolve into future projects for decades to come. Maybe if one of those projects fails then it can be said that WoW died, but I don't see it happening with the game in its current form. Even at its low points it is monumentally successful as an MMO.

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    Not really.

    WoW was and will be the weird one out of the bunch.

    MMO's arent a "famous" genre because of the image they give and playstyle, they arent and will never be a "Casual game genre". The amount of people that have the mentality of "I wanna play a game and get doing other things" is much larger than the MMO fans.

    Thats why WoW is the weird one out of the bunch, it managed to have an insane player pool and maintain it which is the important part, something no RPG, MMO or not can do, they can have a lot of sales, but the player count drops quickly.

    MMO's are still viewed as nerdy no-life games and newer generations are moving away from them even more than before, 8 years ago most people didnt even know MMO's existed, 6 years ago every one new what WoW was therefor the MMO genre became more famous but the mentality didnt got even worst cause simply WoW is a nerdy no-life game, maybe not so much now as it was back then of course.

    The average joe played the game, saw how hard and time consuming it was compared to console games or FPS games or hell even Dota back then and simply has a bad opinion about it no matter how casual Blizzard tries to make it.
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    I think it's best for future MMO's to try and work around WoW rather than try to "kill" GW2 is a good example of this, gives something different from a different point of view with a different payment model, (B2P is a payment model) one that worked very well for GW1 with a side of micro-transactions.

    It seems that if the MMO in question doesn't meet the same subscriber numbers as WoW it is considered a failure, that is not true.

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    eventually as the world population grow and there will be alot more gamers out there, you will probably see a few millions as a standard.
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    Defeats WoW? At Poker? Or Chess?

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    No. WoW was a freak of nature when it was introduced and continues to be a freak of nature (despite fluxxing sub numbers, if you're into that). The MMO market is so saturated by quick cash scheme mmos that try to be WoW anymore that I highly doubt any of them or any upcoming mmos ( I personally don't see anything big on the horizon) will be able to de-throne it.

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    Why are people so obsessed about WoW being defeated? How exactly you define defeat in this case. Some new MMO comes and gets more players than WoW. Or does it specifically need to take those players from WoW?

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    I don't want WoW dead, I just want something to actually compete with it. The monopoly they have over the MMO game has been bringing down WoW's quality for a while now.
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    This is a silly question. Of course there will be eventually. What it will be is anyone's guess, but we certainly haven't seen anything close yet.

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    Why would there need to be one OP? Other MMO's that comes out I for sure don't want to be wow 2.0

    I don't think any developer should hope to beat wow as a goal. Seems abit silly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragedaug View Post
    Winning a silver medal at the Olympics is OK. I'm still trying to think of a word that would describe the type of person who would walk up to a Silver Medal winner and tell them that they are a failure. None of the words in my head seem to be strong enough.
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    The only way you can beat a skinnerbox is to either make a better one or by showing people how stupid they are; and nobody likes to learn the hard way...

    Plus, I don't think any decent developer would want to make a skinnerbox that simulates the addiction levels of crack in their consumerbase.
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    No and it has nothing to do with WoW

    when a new MMO comes out every1, myself included, instantly compares it to WoW and if it doesn't have the same features, the same polish etc then the majority people will just go "wow clone" and discard the game.

    People seem to forget (or weren't there) how buggy and terrible Vanilla was at the start and how WoW has had 8 years of experience, bug fixing and community feedback.

    Also, as someone said early in the thread, certain people have put years into this game, made great friends and enjoy the social side of there guild and get attached to their character,

    So to start a new MMO you will prob (maybe with 1/2 friends) be starting all over again, have no guild, no social side, no vent/mumble etc

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    WoW has had many years to evolve and develop, to figure out what work and what doesn't, whats fun and what isn't, whats just better for quality of life in the game.

    Any new game will have to come in at an equal or greater level of evolution or development.

    The only company that could possibly contend as far as people, money, and resources goes would have to be Nintendo.

    Activision Blizzard is the world's second largest gaming company by revenue, Nintendo being the first.

    Unless Nintendo makes a Pokemon MMO or something completely original and don't deviate much from the mmo template wow has set out,than it would be successful.

    I know people say copying wow is just a rip off. I say not really though, your going to have to have some over lap because WoW is the most succesful mmo for the reason that it's features and etc have gone through the stages its came up with one of the best possible formulas. Why would you deviate from the best possible formula of what works best?

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