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    Post Who's your favorite character so far in MoP?

    Mop has loads of new characters, but also development for a lot of old ones. Jaina and Lor'themar both got some big developments, along with Varian, Anduin, Rommath, Aethas, Taylor, Nazgrim, Tyrande, Baine, and obviously Garrosh, Vol'jin, Thrall.... and loads of others.

    i love what they've done with the Blood Elf leaders and Varian/Anduin myself.

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    Vol'Jin - I love the fact he stands for what is right, not letting anyone bring him down. Vol'Jin baically warned Thrall about Garrosh, so did Cairne and what happened ? Cairne died, Vol'Jin had an assassination attempt on him so a lot has gone on.

    A new character would have to be Lorewalker Cho, why exactly ? It's the voice and his story telling

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMOTotal View Post
    Vol'Jin - I love the fact he stands for what is right, not letting anyone bring him down. Vol'Jin baically warned Thrall about Garrosh, so did Cairne and what happened ? Cairne died, Vol'Jin had an assassination attempt on him so a lot has gone on.

    A new character would have to be Lorewalker Cho, why exactly ? It's the voice and his story telling
    Sunwalker Dezco. Fighting while having infants as armor. NOW THAT GUY IS BADASS

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    li li. she's AWESOME!
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    Theron and Rommath are both great this time around. I like Vol'jin too; yeah, he's a little overrated, but I like him for what he is and what he stands for.

    Varian's much better without this bipolar nonsense, and Aethas... eh. I'll pass judgement on him after 5.4.

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    Lorewalker Cho

    Karma always has the last laugh.

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    Can I pick my self? If not Lor'Themar. Though I am waiting for Ranger-General Brightwing to do something epic.

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    Lorewalker Cho, without question. I always look forward to story time w/ the lorewalker.
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    Probably Li Li ^^
    Apart from her I greatly like Taran Zhu.
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    Riko , Socks >.<

    Generally i love all hozen, their attitude the way they talk and substitute their names for bad's all just adorable :P

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    Li Li and Lorewalker Cho.

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    Tarazhu , Cho and Vol'Jin. I've loved all the Blood Elf involvedment also, which is intresting since I honestly never cared that much about BE involving themselves, i'd pretty much focus a lot more on Orcs and Trolls lore, but its been pretty awesome in 5.1/5.2 for them.

    As for Bosses/bad guys. I liked the decent into madness of Garrosh and ofcourse The Thunder King, 2 badass characters. As for the future, I cant freaking wait for the development of Yshaarj come 5.3/5.4, things are looking awesome for the Sha/Old god Lore.

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    in all of WoW, thrall. in MoP, chen and how you follow him throughout leveling.
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    Since I play both sides I'm gonning to break it down further.
    Neutral New Characters:
    Lorewalker Cho: He's like that nice old person you know who tells really awesome stories.
    Mudmug: Basically Larry the Cable guy but less harry but for some reason I just love his character so much
    Neutral old Characters:
    Chen Stormstout: Holy shit was I excited to meet Chen in Valley of Four Winds. By far my favorite zone because of him.
    Horde Characters:
    Nazgrim: This is what a Orc is suppose to be a warrior but not evil or it's awesome since hes been around since northrend.
    Allaince Characters:
    Admiral Taylor :Tore up some naga ass in Vash'jir with him glad he was promoted.
    Rell Nightwind: Finally a night elf who is badass

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    New npc? Toshi realy is my favourite od MOP. I realy do hope the shado-pan get some more lore beyond mop.
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    Neutral: Cho and Chen, I liked there introductions.
    Horde: vol'jin, given his involvement and development.
    Alliance: Anduin, he's growing more mature every expansion.
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    Obviously Vol'jin for me. Only character I really care about in MoP.
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    If we're talking good guys it's definitely Lorewalker Cho. Sure he was a little annoying in Mogu'shan Vaults, but if you're a lore-freak like me who loves to get the scroll achievements done, you can't help but love his storytelling. I especially enjoyed the one about Lei Shen and the Zandalari one, and I'm eagerly awaiting Stage 6 to unlock on the Isle of Thunder so that I can hear the story about the Mogu. He was there when you first got to Pandaria, and still serves as your guide, he's like your grandfather.

    However, overall my favorite character in MoP is Lei Shen. Yes, I'm a villain's guy, and I think Lei Shen might just be the best villain the game has had, which comes partly from the fact that he is epic as living hell, and partly from the fact that the game hasn't had any great villains. When I first did the Golden Lotus quests about retrieving the Thunder King's relics they described him so epicly, they feared him, but they still spoke of his accomplishments as if they were great, he achieved so much that you can't ignore how successful he was, even if he enslaved your whole race. I then did the Kun-Lai quests on an alt to see that he was actually reawakened, and I was hyped, because I couldn't wait to see this legend in action. Lei Shen also isn't just a bad guy as such, he does what he believes the Titans meant for him to do, I mean, he united all Pandaren races under the same language, he build the wall between the Mantid Empire and the rest of Pandaria, he did some amazing things, but did them through questionable means. He is trying to do what the makers did, rule over the lesser races to make a vast empire, the Titans did that with the Mogu, the Mogu did that with the Pandaren. His appearance, his lore, his voice (which luckily got changed from the shitty PTR one), his presence, everything about him just kicks ass, and that makes Lei Shen oen of my favorite characters in Warcraft.

    There are a ton of other characters too, MoP introduced so many great characters, and enhanced many old ones.

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    Garrosh Hellscream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionspride View Post
    Garrosh Hellscream.
    Your poking the bear in this thread.
    For the Horde!

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