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    I think they are raising the drop rates when using coins in 5.3.X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    I think they are raising the drop rates when using coins in 5.3.X
    Yes and no. The base droprate will be the same, but the longer you go without loot, the higher the chance getting some will be. And then it resets to it's base chance when you do get the loot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    Is when you get an item that you wont ever use and it vendors for less than 28g. That's my story in LFR and normal TOT so far.

    i love those items, my lock is an enchanter and just De those items. and sha crystals sells for 400g+ most of the time.
    good money.
    but i rather see a nice upgrade

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    They could just give me 100 gold instead hoping for gear that probably not going to drop.

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    i think getting the same item 3 times on rolls while needing 3 others on the table is fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by Editos View Post
    Gettin' bracers with only 1 secondary stat
    With double budget on that stat?:P sounds pretty good to me.

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    I always wonder if the one time I DON'T use a coin if that's when I would win something... =\
    That aside, hopefully the increase will give people a better chance.

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    Well before 5.2 came i did LFR on my main ( MV and HoF ) for 6 weeks without getting a single item!!! I stopped doing "old" raids on my main and im doing only ToT and only got 2 items so far and with alt only 1. So RNG sux.. Blizz needs to bring back old loot system. You cant need on items not for your class, items cant be traded if you win to prevent guildies "cheating", u cant need on item you have on you or in bank, items cant be D/E and problem solved. If tank item drops ( plate ) tank will win it for sure, healing item laso, trinket also and so on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faylo View Post
    With double budget on that stat?:P sounds pretty good to me.
    Not when that item gets HIT as base stats ( some 700-720 ) and you queued as tank

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    What is worse? easy, getting a drop loot that absolutly nobody in you raid can use. i.e not LFR. And when this happen weeks after weeks u which you were in LFR where you actually have a bag that is more usefull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    People complaining about not getting loot in LFR is much worse then not getting loot.
    Amen to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarl Balgruuf View Post
    I have killed Galleon 6 times (and twice on my alt), used coins each time, and I haven't gotten a SINGLE PIECE OF LOOT. It's bullshit.
    Why do you feel entitled to loot? why is it bullshit? don't treat lfr or the world bosses like a loot piñata and you won't be disappointed when you coin a bag of gold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Editos View Post
    Gettin' bracers with only 1 secondary stat
    With only 1 secondary stat, it's a double roll. Last night str bracers droped with a double roll of mastery. i would have loved to have those over the dodge + parry ones i have currently.
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    Stubbing your toe.

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    What is worse? Getting an item that you didn't need because it is a downgrade, but you use a coin aswell because there are like 3 other items on that boss's loottable... which wins you the exact same item that you just won!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faenskap View Post
    Leaving LFR/world boss and repair bill is higher than 28g

    Now I'm gonna take you all back to the glorious days of DS. I, the humble rogue, wanted Vial of Shadows. Who dropped Vial of Shadows? Many! Did I get it? No. How many bosses did I kill?

    Morchock 10
    Zon'ozz 11
    Yor'sahj 12
    Hagara 12
    Gunship 13

    Morchock 7
    Zon'ozz 12
    Yor'sahj 9
    Hagara 9
    Gunship 13

    Morchock 11
    Zon'ozz 4
    Yor'sahj 6
    Hagara 3
    Gunship 3

    That's 123 kills. Fuck my luck
    I wanted that exp/mastery ring on my hunter for full BiS.
    Didn't see it once after killing heroic:
    Morchok 37 times
    Zon'ozz 33 times
    Yor'sahj 34 times
    Hagara 32 times
    Ultraxion 31 times
    Blackhorn 25 times

    Sad times.

    Also, our elemental shaman has been using a PvP belt since like the 2nd week of MoP due to not any dropping.
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    I was raiding with my offspec now for a few months. Since I was done on my mainspec (by buying a lot of stuff from valour tbh). I had these 2 trinkets. One was 450 itemlevel and the other was a 429 questreward. Never ever did I get a trinket from raiding LFR. So this week I got fed up and bought 2 trinkets with valour. Normally I would spend valour only on my main spec but geezus... walking around for months with a green in my slot is insulting.

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    That's one reason I like having Enchanting on my alts, so I can D/E those lfr drops lol

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    Who cares, be happy u got something. LFR shouldnt give loot at all, it would stop the whinning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joruu View Post
    The holocaust.
    Why do people keep repeating this. It has nothing to do with WoW nor does the OP asks for a reply THIS serious. You could say cancer/aids/isreal+palastine whatever... Your and others posting like you are nothing but attentiongrabbers, trying to up your postcount.

    If you think this topic is shit (to be honest it pretty much is...) just say that instead of these stupid comments. It will resolve nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velthy View Post
    Who cares, be happy u got something. LFR shouldnt give loot at all, it would stop the whinning.
    If it doesn't give loot, it will not be a feature used much if at all. So you are basically asking for it to be removed by stating that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorious Leader View Post
    Getting the same fucking chest piece 4 times in a row. I get that some of you were douche bags in DS and thus we can't have a system that involves any sort of trading but I was a good guy and would often trade shit I didn't need to people who did.
    It's ironic that you consider yourself a good guy when in fact you were part of the problem that has resulted in the current loot system you're complaining about. If you were 'trading shit you didn't need' you must have 'Need Rolled' on the item in the first place to win it and be able to trade it.

    I had a reduced chance to win loot in DS because of people who would need roll regardless of if they really needed. I much prefer the current system, WoW's RNG versus the RNG of 24 other people in LFR:

    Greeding or passing on loot they don't need
    If needing, not just needing for their mates
    If needing not needing and trading to the first person screaming at them that they didn't need that loot

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