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    Congrats. Wushoolay's is a very good trinket if you don't go overboard with hit because of it. If you're gearing somewhere for spirit bonuses you can stop and gem for int instead, etc.
    I already did that and cant get below 16.50% hit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xandy View Post
    Yea I know the rolling system is stupid considering we're trying to push heroics and gear everyone as best we can. Could you elaborate as to why it isn't good for Ele's? I know that it's basically a niche trinket for snapshot DoT classes and has little use for burst specs, so I assume that's why.

    From what I've read here it seems Ele would benefit far more from a longer lasting, heavy hitting proc trinket like Breath or Wush.
    Ele benefits from the static Int and the proc, but the proc is devalued greatly because Lava Burst crits regardless, and that is one of our strongest spells, whereas an Int proc would benefit Lava Burst directly. The trinket is still very good for Elemental, because of our 250% crit damage from other sources, but the fact that Lava Burst doesn't benefit at all makes a lot of Elementals dismiss it.

    To answer the question, it would be an upgrade for your Ele friend and a good one, but probably not as strong as it would be for an Aff-lock.

    Xandy, I also direct you to look at the Warlock forum more in detail, because the Lei-Shen trinket is completely dismissed by some locks and considered almost as good as wusholay's/hydra by others. Might be the same size upgrade for both of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hangover View Post
    Instead of starting a new thread i've decided to take advantage of this one, so here it is my question :

    currently i run with :
    2/2 Relic and Volatile SP Talisman

    Yesterday i've managed to get a Cha-Ye Essence (lfr version), i really can't figure it out if it's worth using it and if it replacing for which trinket.

    So some feedback/advice would be much appreciated, regards
    I would like an answer to that as well since i am in the exact same dilemma

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    Still no answers ? /sadpanda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hangover View Post
    Still no answers ? /sadpanda
    I simmed myself using 2/2 Relic and SP Talisman, and then compared with Cha-ye and SP Talisman, and 2/2 Relic outperformed it. I'd sim yourself, but to be safe you should only replace a 2/2 Relic with a 522 ilvl trinket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hangover View Post
    Still no answers ? /sadpanda
    Try looking at the Elemental Shaman 5.2 guide that is stickied at the top of the forum page. Your answer is under the Gearing section -> Trinkets.

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