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    Enhance PVP

    Hello boys and girls.

    I recently leveled my alt shaman to 90 and i'm mainly focused on pvp. I know that Enhance isn't the best choice for pvp but I'm not super worried about it haha. I am just curious if anyone in the shaman family knows of any good places to read up on enhance pvp or if there is any enhance shamans out there that stream or have video guides.

    Any info would be awesome. Thanks.


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    While there have been some pvp focused threads about Enhancement pvp recently I find that good streams to watch are those of Lilpe and especially Vanguards. Vanguards doesn't always play Enhancement while streaming but he has vids on his channel of him playing it and he tends to give advice while streaming as well as links to some Youtube channels with content of his. Furthermore you have Tactic on Youtube as well, which can be find by typing in something like "Tactic enha shaman" and who has some video guides on how to play our spec in pvp. Obviously there are more people making content but I found these people to provide some of the best/more regular content. Further more Vanguard also posted a guide on Arenajunkies recently about Enhancement pvp which I encourage you to check out.

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