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    MW monk or Boomkin

    Title says it all cant decide if i should do arena and rbgs on my MW or my druid. Any thoughts?

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    Monks in general will bring more utility than a druid currently. Monks have better mobility, RoP is better than cyclone, and survivability on a monk much better than druid. The ONLY think I can see as being a issue is solar beam, but in 5.3 RoP will act as a solar beam for the first 3 seconds and again if they cast inside the ring as well as disarming everyone in the ring.

    Monk>Druid in pretty much all aspects when it comes to RBG.

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    I do both:O. Pm me if you need help with anything.
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    cap both for a month u will know what suits you better ... i like to play dps in rbgs ... but started MW monk recently and its way more fun than Monk dps

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