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    LOL kids. You can duel my healer and see if you can kill me in 15 seconds like this monk did. I highly doubt you could.

    As a dps I would probably add your pelt to my collection of win trading high warlords I have smashed 1 v 1.
    I'd bet he has the Shadow-pan Trinket. When its up they can hit really hard 200k+ pretty easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koraman View Post
    These L2P and other ridiculous responses are the reason I never post on the forums. It is not a L2 play issue. I could probably torture each and every one of you guys telling me to L2P forever in a 1 v 1 situation. This guy dropped me in 15 seconds.

    I take it from the responses what happened is not possible for a WW monk. I presumed he had a hack or some other glitch that allowed him to do so much damage and healing but wanted to check with others before reporting him for cheating as monk is the one class I have never played at max level.

    Thanks for the actual responses.
    Someone 2v1's you in arenas and out of embarrassment you blame it on hacks lol. Come on... If you can't beat an undergeared monk 2v1 then I doubt you'd be able to beat anyone in this thread like you said.

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    If the boomkin is decent he can kite the monk for days alone and with a healer ....its unlimited....u panicked probably and get owned
    Just the way u are describing the arena sounds to me that boomkin was not kiting at all /....since you were constant spaming him with heals

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