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    Wrathion quest line question.

    Hey just a quick query about the Wrathion quest line.

    Can a freshly dung 90 start the chain from the start and complete it by just doing raid finder? To catch up on story and in time for 5.3?
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    you can complete it just by doing LFR, but you won't get up to the new part in 5.3

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    Complete it with raid finder, yes. But catch up in time for 5.3? I doubt it, the RNG can be a bitch and the 6 weeks of VP capping is a bitch. But so far it seems the 5.3 bit is fairly short so even if you don't make it by 5.3 you still got a few months before 5.4, so I'd go for it.

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    Yes, all of the items you need are available via LFR. It's somewhat random how fast you'll get 10 of each Sigil type, but you can get them in LFR and you can get Secrets of the Empire in LFR. Some steps take place out of LFR of course... A Change of Command (Alliance quest, not sure of the Horde counterpart) to kill Bloodhilt and the 2 BGs.

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    Yes, run msv lfr for sigil of power and HoF/Terrace for wisdom. Then the 5.1 part is to earn 6000 valor, which will take 6 weeks if you cap every week. I think 5.3 is most likely going to be within the next 4 weeks so you probably won't have time to completely catch up, as there is the 20 items you need from ToT as well as the next items you need to collect from the last wings of ToT for the next part.

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    Basically what the point of my post is if, it is possible to start and follow through the Wrathion quest chain, maybe not for 5.3 but in general take part in it am be able to complete it roughly when most other people do if I start this week

    From what I gather from your replies is that, it is a possibility for me to do this

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    If you can do t14 LFR and normals (openraid is amazing) every week, you might catch up by the end of 5.3. The 6k VP part is a major cockblock though. 20 secrets only took me 3 weeks of full clearing to complete, but I have guildies still sitting as low as 12 with equal kills.

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    you can do Legendary quest by LFR only but if you not mega lucky it will take quite long for yuo
    like 2-X weeks of Part 1
    6 weeks of part 2
    so it will to you like minimum 8 weeks to get to Parts 3 witch come with 5.2 witch will probably took like 6 next weeks so if 5.3 will come in like 3 months you will cant up but if earlier i doupt it meby you will cat up for 5.4 with part 5

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    Yes, but the real problem is the 6k VP part. Shameless thoughtless timesink by Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordKefka06 View Post
    They said they have plans to nerf the 6k valor part, so hopefully that will show up for 5.3.
    No they are not going to nerf the 6k VP part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isaac08 View Post
    No they are not going to nerf the 6k VP part.
    5.3 They are. 3k Valor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papi View Post
    5.3 They are. 3k Valor
    Indeed +10 chars

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